Working from home? See what a conference room near your home can do for you.

Working from home? See what a conference room near your home can do for you.

These days, a conference room can be used for so many different things.  Over the past few years, there has been a shift in how we meet, socialize, and communicate. Because of this, the traditional conference room has taken on a whole new meaning.

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The remote workforce has found that using meeting rooms for interviews has become very effective.  When a company does not maintain an office, turning to an hourly meeting room has helped create an efficient and professional setting for everyone.  

Zoom calls are still extremely popular, but they do require a noise-free setting with a professional background.  Shared office spaces know that they must maintain meeting rooms with the best technology which makes them the perfect setting for your next meeting.  Find a space like a Workspace by Rockefeller Group that offers low hourly rates in a convenient location.  Make sure that parking and transportation are convenient for everyone.

It might seem that meeting rooms being used for social gatherings is a bit unusual, but it is actually quite popular.  If your clients or team members are still not comfortable meeting in a restaurant, they might find comfort in a private meeting room with fewer people.  Caterers can prepare meals as simple as a platter of sandwiches, all the way up to hot meals with wait staff on hand.  

And of course, last but not least, a meeting room can actually be used for meetings.  But what do you do if you gave up your traditional workspace and worked from home?  Shared office spaces like Workspace by Rockefeller Group offer great solutions with meeting rooms on an office hourly rental basis. There is no need to give up a professional setting because you are a remote worker.  You can still maintain a level of professionalism without having to maintain your own space.

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David Jakubowski is the Vice President of Workspace by Rockefeller. Workspace by Rockefeller offers modern workspace and conference rooms that are supported by a best-in-class administrative team and one of the most reliable technology platforms in the flexible office-space sector. David has decades of experience in the workspace sector and has a passion for providing the best service in the industry. 

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