Top tips for designing a traditional British themed room

British themed room

The traditional British style, is a style that has been become very fashionable overseas. This is because there are many popular British TV shows which highlight the beauty of the traditional British interiors and this style has become desirable to many. This article will help to show you how you can incorporate traditional looking British items into your home, to help give your home a lust-worthy look. It has also become very easy to purchase vintage looking items as these items are still purchased by many households both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Use patriotic colours as your colour scheme

Red, white and blue are colours which are used in the Union Jack’s colour scheme, therefore if you looking to have a very British themed room then the use of this colour scheme will make you and your guests see the kind of theme you have tried to incorporate into your room. If the use of Reds, whites and blues are too bold for your liking, you can always incorporate the pastel shades of those colours, so it will not be so bold and harsh to look at.

Buy British style furniture

If you look back in history, British people owned lavish looking furniture and they owned beautifully decorated homes, this was a way of households displaying their wealth. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in furniture which looks regal and rather grand. Chesterfield sofas are a style of sofa which is traditionally British, and it has been loved by many households for centuries, the sofa was invented when the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope commissioned a similar style sofa in the mid-18th century. In present day, you can purchase Chesterfield suites from CSC which will help to add a beautifully British appeal to your room.

It is also a good idea to do some research on previous styles which were popular in earlier times in Britain, for example: British Neo-Classical furniture is a traditional style of furniture which was used between 1750-1830. British designers often looked to contemporary developments in Paris and Rome when creating furniture pieces for British consumers. The materials which are used within this style of furniture are: painted and gilded wood and marble inlay, so any products which have this type of material included within their structure is a good buy for helping you to produce your British themed room.

Art Deco is also a sufficient style of furniture to add to your room as it was a very popular themed used in households of 1920’s Britain. This style is very distinctive as it uses geometrical lines and bold designs which therefore makes the style very recognisable. Art Deco is also used in our modern day interior designs as Art Deco looks very lavish and expensive, so it is still a popular style within today’s households.

Use bunting

The use of bunting was popular between 1940s-1950s and they were also used to celebrate the end of World War two in street parties. Buntings are patriotic, and they are used in particular by people who live in Britain, therefore it is a good idea to incorporate buntings into your theme as they are recognisable as a British cultural item.

Make your rooms perfect for hosting a tea party

Tea parties are a gathering which British people are known internationally for hosting tea parties for their families and friends. If you are very serious about making your room seem traditionally British, then it is a good idea to have the equipment and area for hosting a tea party. It is not difficult to host a tea party, you just need to be able to make tea and offer sandwiches and cakes to your guests.

Look at vintage items

If you are struggling to get an idea of what types of things you want within your room, you can always watch British period dramas and look at the types of styled rooms they have in the TV show. Good period dramas to watch to get an idea of traditional British themed rooms are: The Peaky Blinders, The Crown, The Tudors and any TV show which was filmed in Britain in the 20th century.

Furthermore, antique shops are a great place to shop for traditional vintage items as there are usually many items which belong to families dating back to decades ago, this will help to give a traditional themed look to your room and the best thing is that your items will be genuine traditional items.


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