Top 5 Best Real Estate Investment Ideas

Top 5 Best Real Estate Investment Ideas

Investing in real estate can be an extremely rewarding venture that can easily give you financial freedom. As part of your portfolio, you can invest in several types of real estate investments. Some of the top five are briefly highlighted below:

Property For College Rentals

One of the reasons why you should go this direction is that many students do not have high expectations and limits regarding property. Therefore, they will mostly take anything they find, but do make sure it is within the college area and that it is decent. If you have college rentals in a highly populated college town, you will never run short of tenants.

Property For Storage Rental

Investing in real estate that gives people the opportunity to sore their stuff is one of the best real estate investment that you can make. One of the benefits of this investment is that it has low maintenance cost, so you will not be incurring a lot of expense with this kind of investment.

Some types of storage real estate might have some costs to face especially if you opt to do it on a month-to-month basis, but it is one of the best investment options in the market since they promise high returns with low cost, most of the time.

Did you know that storage real estate generates an approximate income of 32 billion dollars a year in the US? There is no reason why you should not have a piece of this pie. However, do your research carefully to see what type of storage real estate would be good for the town you want to invest in.

Property For Healthcare Facility Rental

Statistics show that the number of senior citizens is expected to double in the next few decades, and this can be a great real investment market to tap into. Healthcare is resistant to recession and you are sure that the investment will not be affected by the market crunch.

That is why it is an ideal investment for you to think about. In most cases, healthcare tenants are on long leases and you may not have to worry about the issues that come with looking for tenants with this type of real estate investment. If you get this kind of real estate, you might never experience a vacancy at all.

Property For Offices And Industries

Most offices and industries lease for the long term and this is what makes this one an ideal real estate investment to venture into. Warehouse, factories and distribution centers are some of the best properties in the market that you can opt to invest in as a real estate investor.

Tenants have a high switching costs and this makes this real estate investment ideal to invest in since they are also less likely to be affected by recessions. Once you have a block of offices occupied, you can be sure that you will have the tenants for a long time. However, note that for success in this kind of real estate, location is everything. Offices are for business, so your office space for rent must be in the most appropriate place.

Property For Data Centers

With the need for data storage becoming more prevalent thanks to this age of big data, it can be an ideal real estate investment to venture in. Technology centers are looking for places where they can expand their data centers.

Providing solutions to the technology companies will ensure that you are best placed when it comes to providing space to such people. Since you will be providing cloud storage and other solutions, you are less likely to be out of business any time soon.

Property For Single Family Rentals

The cost of homes is now high, and by the look of things, the trend seems headed up. This means that more people than ever before are renting instead of buying. So you can come in to fill the void for the low income single families, by providing them with cheap residential rentals. Good income, low maintenance costs and once you let a tenant in, you can be sure they will be occupying for a good enough time as they seek to save enough down payment to buy their own home.

Ranging from family rentals to urban focused apartments, these are all great options that you can choose to invest in. As long as you focus on long-term leases, then you will not be prone to recession and this can be a great investment opportunity for you that gives you financial security for your real estate property.


These are some amazing real estate investment ideas. If you are planning to invest in real estate, always think of these options. If you are especially from Marina Del Rey region of California, you can search for Marina Del Rey condo for sale. Playa Vista is another popular place in California that you can consider for your next real estate investment. Check this huge list of Playa Vista condos for sale to find the best properties available.

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