Things to Know Before Moving to Avon Lake

Ohio can prove to be one of the best places if you wish to own a house in Avon Lake. This articles will discuss about all what you need to know before looking for homes for sale in Avon Lake, Ohio.

Avon Lake is a city located on Lake Erie in the Lorain County, Ohio. This city is situated 17 miles to the west of Cleveland, Avon Lake is sited at an elevation of 183 m with an area of 28.83 km².

Cost of living at Avon Lake

The average cost of living at Avon Lake is 105. This amount is greater than the national average, 100, making it a bit expensive city. But the quality of life in this city is totally worth the expense.

Average housing cost

You would meet a fair number of opportunities if you are searching homes for sale in Avon Lake, Ohio. This city offers a wide range of residential properties varying from luxury lakefront estates to simple single-family houses.

The average cost of housing at Avon Lake varies from $130,000 for 1100 sq ft to $720,000 for 4000 sq ft.


Census 2017 estimated the population of Avon Lake to be 24,184, making it the 64th largest city in Ohio.

Ethnic diversity at Avon Lake

According to Data Usa, 93% of the residents are White, 2.7% are Hispanics, 1.6% blacks and 0.6% Asians.

 Employment opportunities at Avon Lake

Avon Lake has a vast commercial industry which offers a multitude of employment opportunities for the residents.

Education at Avon Lake

According to Town Charts, Avon Lake has 96% of the high school graduates which is greater than any other city in the area.

There are a number of high rated colleges, schools and universities near Avon Lake which can provide quality education to your children.

Recreation at Avon Lake

Cleveland Tall Ships festival, BAYarts art and musical festival, CPL 150 street festival, Summer Market and Waterfront vine festivals attract a large population from Ohio and Cleveland to Avon Lake.

Metro Park at Avon Lake has 200 acres of playgrounds and parks including golf courses, tennis courts, a swimming pool, an outdoor icing ring and a dog park.

The city provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor recreational places to elevate your mood. Miller Road Park, Kidsplay indoor, Klingshirn winery and Veterans’ Memorial park are few of the worth visiting places in Avon Lake, Ohio.

Public transport at Avon Lake

Avon Lake has a well-established public transport industry which makes travelling across the city extremely easy and cheap for the residents and the visitors.

Vast employment opportunities, quality education, recreational places, festivals and public transportation facility are the basic factors that a person has in his mind while he is searching for a home. Avon Lake, with all the best opportunities available definitely proves to be the area of choice for owning a home in.

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