The CLK Catalog of Rekeying Tools

Key Gauges

A key gauge is a locksmithing apparatus used to decipher the cut depths of a key. Key gauges are typically utilized for key duplication, decoding, and making bump keys. They come in different sizes and frequently have more than one bunch of depth data on one gauge.

The most widely recognized kind of key gauge is employed to decipher keys to decide the bitting. These usually comprise of a steep incline, showing depth.

Another form is utilized for interpreting, plus making keys. By adding a bunch of separating markers on the gauge’s edge, a key can be sliced to code with only the key gauge and the talented utilization of an impressioning file.

Plug Followers

A plug follower is a locksmithing device employed in the rekeying of pin-tumbler locks. They are made of metal or plastic and have a round and hollow shape. The diameter of most plug followers is 0.495 to 0.500 inches; however, that can shift based on the brand of the lock chamber the follower is being utilized with.

The plug follower slides into a chamber housing just as the fitting is being taken out. This keeps the top pins and springs from dropping out of the chamber housing and quickens the rekeying process. It’s important to substitute the plug when eliminated from the lock and trap all the driver pins and springs. That way, you can remove the fitting and key pins and leave the driver pins and springs.

Lock Pinning Aids

When pinning, each locksmith needs to have things like shim picks, ring pliers, and tweezers. A general pin instrument is an important thing to add to your pinning stockpile. Ensure you have these gadgets and spares for those times that you end up using them a lot. Remember to keep substitution pins in stock consistently. It is smart to have pins made explicitly for the locks you most often use. You should also have a comprehensive combination of various pins that can be employed in any circumstance. Instead of requesting explicit substitution sizes, you may find that a total pin refill pack is for you.

Space and Depth Keys

Space and depth keys are utilized by locksmiths and key cutters to copy the key’s first height and depth. Space and depth keys permit a standard key machine to create a key to the first specifications. We sell a variety of space and depth keys for house locks. You can utilize the keys to slice a key to code without having a costly code key cutting machine.

Lock Lubricant

Graphite powder is the favoured grease for locks. You should have the option to get it at any home improvement shop in a spray bottle that is half air, permitting you to blow it directly into the keyway. Or simply spray the teeth of the key until the surface is covered with graphite. Don’t be stingy; load it up with a thick coat!

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