The Clever Way to Pack Your Clothes on Moving Day

The Clever Way to Pack You Clothes on Moving Day

Moving house is stressful, no matter whether you are moving down the road or taking the massive jump of undertaking a European removals mission. But when it comes to that eventful day where you finally have to start packing up and getting everything ready for the big move, you need to have a plan of action to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. If, like me, you find it hard to get in gear and normally end up leaving things to the last minute, then here are my top tips on how to pack JUST your clothing in a clever way.

Sort Your Items

The first thing to do is to sort all of your items of clothing in to piles of wanted and unwanted clothes. Many people tend to hold on to items they own when there is no more need for it, especially clothing. If it no longer fits you or the style is extremely outdated, get rid of it! Once you have a pile of everything you are going to keep, it is useful to sort them in to seasonal piles, this will help you sort out all of the clothes you are not going to need for the next few months until summer or winter hits. The next step is to organise them in a way which best suits you, this could be by colour, type of clothing or occasional clothing. Once these have been packed in to their boxes and labelled, you will realise how helpful it can be when it comes to finding that jumper you really love lounging about in on Sundays.

Put Aside Essentials

The next step is to pack a bag of all of the clothes you feel you are going to need over the coming days as the move is in process. Clothing should essentially be the last thing you pack, so put aside the clothes you’ll need in a separate (labelled) box or bag that you know you will be able to find easily once it comes to getting out of those sweaty moving day clothes. There is nothing worse than rummaging through hundreds of boxes and messing up the order of your boxes and their contents to find one item that could easily be found if put in with the box of essentials. Ideally, your box of essentials needs to be kept in the car with you for the duration of the move, or if it does travel with the moving company make sure it’s the last box to be loaded so it can be unloaded first.

Use Wardrobe Boxes, Dresser Drawers, and Suitcases

Utilise wardrobe boxes when it comes to packing up your clothing as you can move most of your items from the wardrobe to the box in minutes without even taking them off of the hangers! Not only is this a useful and efficient way of moving clothes from one place to the other, but they will keep your clothes neatly stored and protected as the move takes place. If you feel like you don’t have enough clothes to warrant buying a load of wardrobe boxes, use a trusty suitcase to pack everything you need as you don’t want to have unused space in items that are big and empty, use every nook and cranny you can find. By making the most of suitcases as well, you will find them useful for moving around items like shoes and boots, as suitcases can afford to get a bit muddy and are easily cleaned.

Label Everything Clearly

As mentioned before, always label your boxes, wardrobe boxes, suitcases and bags so you know exactly what is in them and you won’t have to rummage through various boxes in order to find an item you are in desperate need of. This will be helpful for both the movers and yourself as you will all know to pack boxes of similar items together instead of having one big varied removal mess when it comes to loading everything up in the vehicle.

By making the most of these useful tips, you should be able to efficiently store everything in a useful place that will make everything easy and useful to use. It is always useful to make sure you keep the house you are leaving in tip-top condition no matter whether you are selling your home or looking to re-mortgage. By successfully packing your things in an effective manner, you will be able to swiftly move everything out of the house and you will leave yourself more time to sweep through the house and make sure everything is as it should be. If you’re moving with children, then don’t forget to put a few toys or books in there too, to help keep them entertained over the course of the day.

Happy moving!

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