The Best Design Ideas for Your Loft Conversion

The Best Design Ideas for Your Loft Conversion

Loft conversions can be simple rooms that many people use for bedrooms or an extra space to chill out in. But why conform to the norm when you hire your design and build company, why not unleash your creative side and push the boundaries of loft conversion design? If you feel like you would like more than just an average bedroom (or how you can maximise the potential of a loft conversion bedroom, take a look at the list below to decide what design will best suit you and your household.

Why not add a touch of glamping

As most loft conversions have slanted ceilings, you can make the most of this look by dressing up the room as if in a tent. By painting the room white and inserting wooden beams throughout the length of the room alongside the slanted walls, you could make it look as if you live in a tee-pee! If you compliment this look with loads of fresh flowers and wooden furnishings, you can easily make the room feel outdoorsy and light.

Luxury bathrooms for relaxation

Any loft conversion can become the ultimate space for relaxation if you choose to turn it in to a luxury bathroom. By splashing out on an indulgently sized freestanding bath and allowing golden accents in the bathrooms design and accessories, you can create an extremely comfortable and relaxed ambience. Make sure you take advantage of the multi-angles ceiling with classy furnishings like chandeliers and colorful curtains.

Expose your brickwork

By leaving one unpainted and exposed brick wall, you can make your loft conversion look fantastically stylish and modern. Bare brick is a statement piece in its own right and makes the room feel warm and textural. It stands alone in a room where another white wall doesn’t. It also gives an edgy vibe to a place with a lot of dark furniture that can become a pad for anyone who fancies living in a place that they wish to look more modern.

Create the ultimate room for guests

Okay, okay, I know that we said creating a bedroom might conform to social norms for a spare room. But who says the room has to just be for you? Loft conversions are perfect rooms for guests. By keeping colour schemes simple and allowing the room to feel bright and sophisticated, you can create the perfect room for when people come to stay in your humble abode.

Exposed roof

Make sure to check the house is suitable before exposing the boarded roof and adding lots of windows to create a light, airy conversion, building the new roof up from the outside rather than from within, removing the old trusses and supporting the rafters on steel joists will give this room a spacious feel and make the room look comfortable and roomy. If you do this alongside a glass staircase, you will allow loads of light to flow down through the home.

Highlight the slanted ceiling

Awkwardly shaped ceilings can be… well… awkward. Use patterns to create a unique and interesting feel to the room and highlight the ceiling so that you can make the slanted ceiling feel less unusual. Background colours can have a major impact on a room so making sure you pick the right colour and design for the slanted celling is very important.

Create the perfect kitchen

Loft conversions don’t just have to be for bedrooms or chill out rooms. Creating a spacious kitchen in your loft conversion is becoming more and more frequent in modern households. This means that you will have a lighter kitchen, especially if you use glossed furniture to reflect the sun in the room. You can also prevent the light from feeling too closed in by using various furnishings of different height to maximise the potential of the loft conversion.

Outside space

Why not create a space that makes the most of the great views from the top of your house and build down rather than up. Lower the ceilings in the room below in places where height isn’t imperative, like spaces above kitchen cupboards, and open up the attic to allow a pocket of outside space which sits beneath the parapet of the building and cannot be seen from the street. Alternatively, build a balcony and chill in the heat during the summer while taking in the views!

Make sure you create a loft conversion that suits you and doesn’t conform to the generic standards of loft conversions. By utilising one of these design ideas, you will be able to create a fun and gorgeous looking room that is sure to woo any guests you have coming over and will be the masterpiece of your house.

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