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Do you want to contribute an article to one of the biggest and fast growing real estate communities in the world? Then you are on right place


Before writing an article for us please read our guidelines, Terms & Conditions and policy!


Anyone can write for us

Etc. Competitor, Professional bloggers


  1. Be sure to include headlines
  2. Niche we only accept real estate, properties
  3. Write quality contents that adds value for readers.
  4. We only accept articles that are written in English Language
  5. Article should be minimum of 800 words (>799) and should must describe the topic.
  6. We don’t accept guest post articles that are published somewhere else.
  7. After publishing article on our site you can’t publish that article on another site.
  8. It is suggested to include Image. It’s mandatory to include and it should be unique and should not be published somewhere else or it should be under creative common license and also provide image credit where necessary.
  9. Links should be included with proper Anchor text but only those links that will provide a value to the readers (According to Search engines). Only those links can be added that makes sense to be included (It should not be just for link building). We will accept every link which will follow search engine rules (We don’t reject links based on DA or PA but linked site should follow search engine rules)
  10. We know there are lot of contents on internet and to create unique and quality contents is so difficult that’s why we decided we will allow to everyone to include links to quality and user satisfying links to be credited.
  11. We don’t accept posts with spelling or grammar mistakes.
  12. Article should fit in blog theme
  13. By submitting your guest post to us its mean we will own copyrights and we can modify if we feel there is a need.
  14. It can be take a time of more than 3 days to publish your article on our site if we have more workload.


Please read About Topic suggestions and How to send article

How To Send Article

Only MS Words documents are accepted

Paste Image in MS Word document (within article where you want to display)

Note: Before sending us article draft or inquiry please keep in mind there will be service charges for Advertisement, we don’t provide free service on the base of content .

Sponsor a Guest Post: Contact us : WEBMASTER@RENTBUYNSELL.COM

Email Title should must be“Real estate guest post”.


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Author Account

If you are interested to be permanent writer for us then these guidelines are for you!

  1. Before applying to be permanent writer you must have to submit at least 3 quality posts to us
  2. Your each post should be at least 800 words lengthy. More lengthy more chances…
  3. Article should contains at least one unique picture (All pictures should be unique)
  4. If picture is not unique then please include image source link
  5. Only real estate/ home improvement niche is acceptable
  6. Your articles should provide a good value to readers
  7. Articles should follow search engine rules.
  8. You can add quality links but only if it makes sense to be included (Not only for back-link purpose)
  9. After becoming author you will post at least 2 quality content posts in each month
  10. for article writing above mentioned terms & conditions should be accepted and followed.

What you will get as an Author

  1. An Author Account on our website with your bio information
  2. You can post directly (No wait for approvals)
  3. Can reply to comments

Author Account Terms & Conditions

  1. We will own copyrights and can modify or delete your article.
  2. If we realized you are posting thin, already published, low quality contents or not following our above mentioned guidelines then we will have rights to deactivate your account.
  3. You can add only one external quality link to your article.

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