Six Features in a Garden That Will Attract Buyers


If you are lucky enough to own a property with a garden, you will have no doubt made the most of it over the summer months; particularly as 2020’s ongoing corona virus crisis has confined most people to their own homes. However, a garden can have many more uses in addition to looking pretty and providing a playground for the kids. If you are considering putting your property on the market, for instance, a garden is a major factor in attracting buyers, especially if you have taken care of it over the years and invested in a few desirable features. To give you a few ideas, here are six features in a garden that will attract buyers.

  1. A summer house

A summer house is basically a posh garden shed that, rather than being used to store gardening equipment and various pieces of household junk, provides a luxury outside entertainment space. Summer houses provide the perfect bridge between outside and inside: a place you and your family can retreat to when the temperature drops or the rain starts to fall, without fully retreating indoors. Traditionally made from luxury wood and equipped with electricity and heating, summer houses also make great home offices if you would prefer your working space to be set apart from your living quarters.

  1. A greenhouse

A greenhouse is an excellent garden addition if you are serious about growing plants and produce and, with an increasing number of people seeking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, they are only set to grow in popularity.

If you would like to get serious about growing produce, but feel that you are restricted by your climate, a greenhouse provides protection from the elements and additional heat, helping your growing efforts to be more successful. A greenhouse is an indispensable piece of garden equipment if, for instance, you want to grow orchids or tomatoes.

  1. A water feature

Nothing says jaw-dropping show garden to potential buyers more than a water feature. A pond provides your home with a small space of tranquility to retreat to when life gets hectic.

As well as looking pretty, however, it also works hard to bring nature back into your garden, as you might spot different types of wildlife around your pond, such as dragonflies and frogs. With plenty of pond water features being available, you can also seek to turn your pond into a real show-stopper.

A fountain, for instance, will add a running-water element to your pond, further encouraging wildlife and creating a tranquil aquatic space that you will want to spend hours relaxing by.

  1. A Jacuzzi hot tub

If you would like to maximize the calming power of water, you could add a Jacuzzi hot tub to your garden. Though the terms are generally used interchangeably, there are some differences between Jacuzzis and hot tubs: Jacuzzi is a brand of jetted whirlpool baths, whereas hot tubs are primarily tubs of hot water.

Despite their differences, both have huge hydrotherapy benefits. As undeniably expensive pieces of equipment, Jacuzzis and hot tubs are a real investment and potential buyers are sure to be impressed by the addition of a spa experience to your home.

Nothing could be more tranquil on a cool evening than relaxing in your hot tub whilst admiring your garden in the fading light. You could even add some calming essential oils to your tub to up the relaxation ante even further.

  1. A patio

You might consider bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors by adding a patio: a paved outdoor space that can be used for dining and other recreational purposes. Since a lot of people do seek to include a patio when redesigning their garden, having one already included in your property will be a real bonus for buyers, as they will not have to make that investment themselves.

You could even consider developing your patio further by adding an awning. This will provide shelter from the elements, and if you invest in further weather-combating equipment such as outside heaters and fans, your patio could become the perfect all-weather entertainment space in which to reconnect with the great outdoors.

  1. A landscaped garden

Nothing lifts the spirits quite like looking out on a garden filled with pretty flowers; however, if you’re not lucky enough to have green fingers this can soon turn into an overgrown jungle. Having your garden landscaped by a professional gardener will ensure that every plant used will suit your soil type and complement each other, ensuring that your garden will thrive year-round, which is sure to draw in potential buyers. However, make sure that you choose plants that are easy to maintain: perennials such as hydrangeas will continue to bloom on a yearly basis long after having been planted.

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