Do you need to rent a moving truck? Are you thinking about a DIY rental? If you need to rent a truck for a short amount of time, what is offered by most rental companies could seem like an unnecessary expense. If you need a truck for an hour or so, Home Depot truck rentals could be the answer. Home Depot truck rental pricing works out quite nicely when you are making a local move. We will explore the costs to rent a truck a bit more later on, so stay tuned.

Having been in business since 1978, Home Depot has grown to become the largest home improvement network of stores across America. Offering their customers a one-stop-shop for their home improvement needs, and in every state, they will often be homeowners’ first choice.

But as well as catering for almost every imaginable home improvement requirement, they also provide truck rentals. While this may have originally been envisioned as a way of helping their customers transport their larger purchases home, their truck rental can be used for many different purposes.

If you need to move some things a short distance, and they are too large to fit in your car, a Home Depot truck rental could be an ideal solution. Home Depot aims to give its customers easy access to clean vehicles at competitive prices.

If you like the sound of what a Home Depot truck rental offers, let’s review the details so that you can make an informed choice.

Should You Choose Home Depot Truck Rentals?
Moving home is never easy. It can feel like you are throwing your life up in the air, unsure how things will land. While hiring movers might not be right for you, with expenses that can start to escalate, renting a truck from Home Depot can be the ideal choice.

Using Home Depot to rent a truck may not be your first choice, and this isn’t surprising, but they offer a great number of benefits:

– A few different vehicle options
– New and clean trucks
– Same day rental
– Convenient locations

Most of the more obvious rental companies don’t provide the same things. Lacking convenience, as well as the ability to rent without booking in advance.

Who Can Rent a Truck from Home Depot?
Home depot lets almost anyone rent their vehicles. As long as you have a current U.S. or Canadian driver’s license and are over 21, you should be fine.

You will also need to provide evidence that you have current vehicle insurance, as well as paying a deposit for the truck you want to rent.

Who Are Home Depot’s Truck Rental Competitors?
If you are making a local move and want to do a little price shopping, Home Depot’s chief competitor is U-Haul. Without a doubt, U-Haul is another quality DIY moving company, so you might want to compare U-Haul’s truck rental prices and see if there any specials being run.

Home Depot Truck Rental Options
When choosing to use Home Depot for your truck rental, you need to pick a vehicle that is right for your requirements. They have three main types of trucks available, including a flatbed pickup, cargo van and moving box truck.

Pickup Trucks
Two types of flatbed pickup trucks might be available to you from your Home Depot location. They offer F250 and T250 flatbed trucks. The T250 is slightly larger though they are both the same price.

If you need to move large appliances, a few moving boxes, or unusually shaped items, this can make an ideal and cost-effective choice. If you need to use a hitch, these trucks do come with one, but only if you are renting a trailer from them.

Cargo Vans
With more room than a pickup truck, a cargo van could be the right choice for a lot of moving requirements. If you are just moving an apartment or a few items of furniture, this could make a great choice.

Being able to carry up to 3000 pounds of weight, these trucks should be fit for a lot of people’s requirements.

HD Moving Box Trucks
The largest type of truck offered directly from Home Depot is the HD Moving Box Truck. This should allow you to carry possessions that fill a small property or apartment.
With up to 515 cubic feet of room or just under 10,000 lbs. of weight in the back of this type of truck, there should be space for one or two rooms of your belongings. Also included in this type of rental, is a dolly to help you move your items.

Home Depot Truck Rental Costs
The cost of renting a truck from Home Depot is very straightforward. They will charge you $19 for the first 75 minutes of your rental. And two hours will cost you $34. If you need the truck for a full day, expect to pay $99 plus a deposit, of course.

Choosing the HD moving truck will cost you more, however. This will cost you $29 for 75 minutes, with $5 more for each additional 15 minutes. If you don’t need a truck for a full day, this could save you a lot on rental. On top of this, there aren’t any hidden fees as you would expect through more conventional rental companies.

Features Offered With Their Trucks
All of the trucks you rent from Home Depot feature air-conditioning and an automatic transmission. The HD box truck will also include a loading ramp and cargo ties.

Home Depot Customer Feedback
Generally, customers are delighted with a truck rental from Home Depot. And generally, they like the cheap costs and the easy access. People are also pleased with how clean the trucks and new are.

Is Renting a Truck from Home Depot a Good Idea?
You can avoid some of the hassles of moving by choosing Home Depot. They offer you an easy and straightforward way to rent a truck, which could be a better truck rental experience for you. For certain types of home moves, using Home Depot makes a great deal of sense. If you are moving out of state, unfortunately, Home Depot does not offer that service.

While you can rent a truck for just $19, you will also need to pay a deposit, and your costs will increase if you bring it back late. You will also need to refuel the truck so that you have the same amount of fuel as when you collected it. Failure to do this will incur increased fees, and you could find that your costs are higher as a consequence.

But if you only need a truck for a few hours, and you live close to a Home Depot, truck rental from them is a great option. Hopefully, our guide will enable you to pick the right rental company for your needs.

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