Reliable Home Improvement Strategies for a Speedy Sale

Reliable Home Improvement Strategies for a Speedy Sale

Whatever your reason for needing to
sell your home quickly, when time is of
the essence you really can’t afford the time to undertake intensive renovation
work and unless your home is in major disrepair you probably don’t need to.

If you’re overall home is in good
condition but perhaps is a little outdated and in need or a few minor repairs,
it is possible to improve the look and feel of your home with a relatively
small budget.

Before you begin any improvement
work, calculate your current house
to ensure you can estimate the level of investment required.

Here are some key areas to consider
addressing to maximise the appeal of your home to potential buyers.

Blank Canvas

potential buyers are really looking for is a blank canvas to enable them to easily
see the full potential of the property. Above all, you want them to be able to
imagine themselves living comfortably in your home with little effort.

most people don’t have the time for DIY and would prefer to just move in, add
their own personal touches and feel at home. Bear this in mind when evaluating
the current appearance of the house you want to sell.


in a home can cause it to instantly look smaller. With spacious homes being a
prized asset for home buyers, you’ll want to do whatever you can to create

is a great way to achieve this, if you’re not keen on disposing of anything,
you could always use temporary storage. If you’re thinking of hiding
stuff in your cupboards
, think again! Storage space is another
desirable attribute to potential buyers and they’re likely to want to look
inside your cupboards!


In order to create the ideal blank canvas
and give potential buyers the chance to visualise living in your house, you’ll
want to remove or tone down anything that is to your personal taste. This
includes bold colours or patterns, souvenirs, family photos, collectibles etc.

However, if you’re personal taste is
neutral then you might be ok, but anything that makes a statement or isn’t
likely to appeal to the majority is worth removing, replacing or redecorating.

DIY Fixes

If there are any areas of your home
requiring maintenance or perhaps unfinished DIY projects, do be sure to get
these elements completed before putting your home on the market.

These may seem small, but they may just be
used as a reason to reduce the asking price. Furthermore, it may also cause potential
buyers to question if there are other hidden problems with the home that aren’t
visible. Therefore it’s well worth avoiding this possibility by spending the
necessary time on getting these things in order.


and patterns are personal and if some of your rooms are papered or painted in
bright and bold colour schemes, you’ll want to consider re-decorating with a
neutral colour.

This is
one of the most cost-effective ways to transform a room and remember, neutral
tones create a more spacious feel so you’re killing two birds with one stone

Outside Space

Even in the depths of winter, avoid
neglecting garden maintenance. After all, the front on your home is the first
thing potential buyers will see. Curb appeal is a factor that can impact on the
sale of your home, therefore, ensure your front and back gardens are being
shown off to their full potential by making them as attractive as possible.

Purposeful Rooms

It’s important to demonstrate the purpose
and potential of each room in your home. If you’ve been using a spare room as a
junk room, spend some time giving
it a new purpose
. A high volume of bedrooms are sort after for
families, so when they’re viewing a 4-bed house, they’ll want to see four
useable bedrooms, not 3 and an office or
storage room!

Squeaky Clean

Before each viewing, have a quick tidy and
clean. The best way to think about this is how you would view buying a used
item, would you want something that is clean or dirty?

Don’t overlook the small details such as
grubby windows and dusty corners or skirting boards!

And finally, it can be wise to use fragrance to
bring the room to life, perhaps some fresh flowers, a scented candle or plug-in
air freshener.

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