pros and cons of selling a house over the summer

Spring is peak home-buying season in the UK, with autumn coming in a decent second. Selling a home outside of these times can be a bit more challenging, especially at times when the housing market is already slow, but it is doable. In fact, selling in summer can actually have its good points.

The advantages of selling in summer

One of the biggest advantages of selling in summer is that you can capitalize on the “missed out” market. These are the people who either did not have their offer accepted or whose sales fell through before completion, possibly through no fault of their own.

They will often be the most motivated and serious of buyers, especially if they have children as they will want to get moved and settled before autumn and the start of the new school year.

Another big advantage of summer is that it is the time of year when days are longest. This means that prospective buyers are more likely to be open to viewing a property after work, as it will still be light, rather than keeping viewings for weekends in the daytime. The more opportunities you have to get people through your door, the more likely it is that you will find a buyer.

Last, but by no means least, fewer houses on the market not only mean less competition, but less work for your estate agent. It therefore follows that your estate agent will have more time to devote to your property and will also benefit from the fact that summer is often the time of year when a property looks its best, especially if there is a garden.

Tips for selling in summer

All the standard property-selling rules apply, however the practicalities of implementing them may be a bit different in summer.

For example, everyone knows that first impressions count and hence that homeowners with gardens should aim to make the most of them at any time of year. This advice is, however, at least twice as true in summer when homeowners can really showcase their gardens as outdoor living space.

Indoors, be aware that dust can creep into a home very easily and be ready to deal with it. If you have hardwood floors, it can help to put down something like wet tea leaves to trap the dust in place while you sweep. You may also need to put in some work to keep your home at a reasonable temperature for people to view it.

Open windows on their own may not be enough, so you might want to invest in some fans. You might also want to be ready to offer viewers cold drinks. In addition to thinking about the temperature, remember to think about the issue of odour.

There’s nothing like heat for bringing out the smell of anything which has been missed during cleaning and left to fester. Deodorizers are particularly useful at this time of year, but be careful of using scented air fresheners, even “natural” ones as scent is very subjective. Also, beware of decorating your home fresh flowers in case a viewer has allergies.

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