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Challenges faced at Co-working space and How to resolve them

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But apartfrom all the benefits or facilities which co-working spaces are providing tostartups or businesses, there are some major challenges which are faced by thepeople working in these office spaces.

The challenges faced at co-working spaces are-

Distraction and Noises: Manypeople working in an office spaces require a workspace which is quite whereasco-working spaces are not conductive to have a quite environment. In openco-working spaces major challenges is related to the constant noise coming fromconversations, phone calls, or keyboard typing etc. In such a case, employeeswho need quite environment to work as per their job demands loses theirproductivity or produce lower quality of work.

The solutionto these challenges can be done by the businesses by investing in noisecanceling earphones or headphones for their employees or else finding a betterco-working space with quite environment for their business employees.

Growing concerns about Data privacy: Justlike distraction, many employees’ faces lack of privacy issue while working atco-working spaces in Bangalore. As we all know working today is more of acollaborative task, but still some people value as well as need privacy to dotheir work. In co-working spaces, where employees who work for a differentcompany, privacy is a major issue in that case in order to handle sensitiveinformation. Also, these co-working spaces can become a target of large numberof hackers which can also destroy and company’s goodwill and also lead to lossof private data.

Thesolution to this concern of Data privacy can be resolved by maximizing thespace in between the desks arrangement and individual workstation. Also, optingout for a soundproof workstation will help in order to keep information privacyover the phone call conversations or In case of face-to-face meetings.

Limited space: Every employee value theirpersonal space rather than any other place at office. An office space forbusinesses or startups with limited space can hamper the employees’productivity and their work. This challenge mainly arises when an employee hasa shared desk in a co-working spaces rather than a private office.

Thesolution to this challenge can be resolved by opting out a co-working spacesthat has enough spaces for employees so that job can be done successfully.

Insufficient Equipment: Many co-workingspaces in Bangalore focuses too much on amenities and lost sight of basicfacilities and equipment’s that members in co-working spaces need fromworkspace. Basic co-working space equipment’s includes- Connectivity,Comfortable seating, Laptop or monitor support, Access to extension cords,Access to printing and scanning, Audio-visual equipment’s in meeting rooms,Kitchen appliances and Stationery items.

This challengefaced by many employees working in an office space can be resolved by thebusinesses by investing in the right number of equipment’s and by buyingextension cords or offering employees different equipment’s than whatco-working spaces are providing.

Safety and Security issues: As we know,Co-working spaces for startups in Bangalore are in trend and many professionalsand business owners from different fields and streams consider these officespaces as their home. So, Security and safety concerns should be addressedproperly. Major Safety concerns can be-

·        ·        ·        Also, many co-working spaces areopen 24/7 which can affect the physical security of an employees or a memberworking late night in office space.

The Safetyand Security issue can be resolved by Video surveillance and alarm system atco-working spaces to increase the security.

Businessesor startups choosing co-working spaces for their working should try to avoidsuch challenges in order to make their employees feel happier, safe and moreproductive at their work.

If you aresearching out for an office space for your startup in Bangalore, Kalyani Aura is Bangalore’s mostpremium enterpriseManaged Office space provider where you can find each and every solution to thechallenges you are facing in your current co-working space or looking for a newworking space.

Theirflexible and fully furnished spacious offices motivates an employees to workand maintain their productivity which in general other co-working spaces whichare congested and with limited number of amenities and facilities lack toprovide.

KalyaniAurais the one which will best suits your business and serves you with bestfacilities in the lowest possible expenses.

So, get your own working space now bycontacting Kalyani Aura and avoid these common challenges you are facing withother office spaces in Bangalore.


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