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Moving to a new house is as exciting as it is exhausting. If we had to describe it in one word, it is mainly overwhelming. You almost feel like you are starting a new life. After all, moving is not something you get to do every week or month. Moreover, the thought of setting up your new space from scratch and getting everything done according to your needs and preferences is enough to make anyone feel all pumped up – it marks the beginning of a new phase in your life, and you have every right to be thrilled about it.

However, before you can pop that bottle of champagne to celebrate your new home, there’s a lot that needs to do. From sorting through your existing pile of belongings to packing it all and having it transported safely, you have a million things to take care of, and if you didn’t organize, the first few days in your new home could turn out to be a nightmare. Imagine this: it’s your first night in the new house, and you are dying to get some rest after a long, tiring day, but you can’t find your blanket, PJs, or a mug for that much-needed cup of coffee!

While it is common to feel stressed about moving, the key to avoiding any disasters is to plan. It is where we come in. We have come up with easy to follow a checklist that will make moving to a new home a breeze. Let’s have a look:



The first thing to do before you start planning your move is to take a detailed tour of your new home while it is empty and think of how you will set it up. Measurements of each room, such as the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and dining room, can give you an idea of how much space you have so that you are only bringing in furniture and belongings for which you have space.

It would help if you also had a basic plan of the layout of each room so that on moving day, you know exactly where each item of furniture needs to go. Trust us when we say that this makes the moving day go so much more smoothly than otherwise!



As a rule of thumb, packing should never delay to the last minute, and one of the best ways to do this is to make use of a storage facility. Renting a storage space allows you to pack items at your own pace rather than doing it hurriedly at the last minute. You can wrap anything that you don’t regularly need well ahead of your moving date and store it in your storage unit, keeping your belongings neat and organized throughout the moving process. Different companies in US can do this job for you. For example, like residents of Louisiana, there are several reliable options available like Shreveport storage facilities that keep your belongings safe and even provide additional services such as packing supplies and access to dollies and trucks to make your move easier.



Before you can even begin packing, go through your belongings and donate, sell, or throw away anything you don’t need. Reducing the number of things you need to move will not only make a move more comfortable but also a lot less expensive.

For your everyday items, you can use suitcases/bags or get some free boxes from your nearest retailer. Make sure to label each box according to where they will go to the new house, such as ‘kitchen’ or ‘bathroom.’ Certain items such as mirrors, TV sets, and artwork may require individual boxes and professional packing – do not attempt to pack these yourself to save money.



If you wish to be comfortable in your home from day one, it is essential to have your utilities (i.e., water, gas, and electricity) set up before you move in. If these utilities not set up by the time you get there, the process could potentially take weeks. It is best to notify your utility provider about your move-in date as soon as you have decided on it to ensure timely activation, especially if you are moving during peak season when they are already working at full capacity.



Moving into a house without TV or the internet can kill the excitement of a new home. Make sure to do your research about the different service providers in the area and get in touch with them well ahead of time to find the right plan for your needs. Ideally, the installation should be done at least a week in advance, and the service activated before you move in to avoid any problems.



Before you can move your stuff in, it highly recommends that you deep clean the entire house. Even if your new home appears to be clean, you don’t know how many potential buyers have come in to see it and touched all the surfaces. So, gather your cleaning supplies and disinfectants and schedule a day for cleaning before you move in. Make sure to pay special care to the bathrooms and kitchen so that your new home is safe for you and your family.



No one likes opening dozens of boxes on their first day in a new home to find the essentials they need. For this reason, it makes sense if you pack a first-day bag that includes everything you will need the first day or two in your new home. It can consist of a few clothes, phone chargers, toiletries, essential medicines, pet supplies, and baby items. It is will also be extremely helpful if you stock up on supplies for some easy meals for those first few days, such as frozen food, fruits, and snacks.



Before you move in, it is a good idea to spend some time exploring your neighborhood so that you know where essential places such as the nearest grocery store, hardware store, gas station, and hospital are. It will make those first few days in a new home so much easier as you will know where to go if you need a few tools or supplies or if your car runs out of gas unexpectedly.



While managing everything related to moving, many people tend to forget to update their mailing address, and this can cause major headaches down the line. From your bank statements or credit cards being delivered to your old address to your monthly magazine subscription going to waste, there can be a lot of consequences if you don’t update your address. Make sure to do it ahead of time, so it doesn’t get forgotten.



While moving to a new house appears to be a stressful and physically draining experience. But by planning on what needs to do and when you can make the job a lot easier for yourself. Follow the above tips, avoid leaving everything till the last minute, and you are unlikely to face any trouble during the process. And once you did, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for a job well done and celebrate because you deserve it!



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