Moving Furniture 101: The How-To to Successful (and more efficient) Handling of Furniture

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So you’re ready for a change. Maybe you’re moving from one house to another, maybe you just bought a new piece of furniture, or maybe you’re just tired of the way you’re house looks now. Whatever the case, you need to know how to move furniture the most efficient way, and without any damages to other parts of the house. Looking for help? That’s why I’m here!

I’ve been apart of many moving parties, many purchases of new furniture, and many movements of furniture around the house (along with many sore muscles!). At first, I was in the same position as you are; I was looking for help on how to do it the correct way, and most efficient way. Some of the things are common sense, but most of them are easily forgotten since they are the least of your worries. Here’s a little guide to moving furniture the easiest way possible:

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1) Before you start moving furniture or bring the new furniture in the house, move every little object (and big object) that may be lying in your path of moving the furniture. The last thing you want is to be carrying a couch and to slip on a rubber duck.

2) Make a plan. Make sure you are organized, and know where you want to put it, and where you are going to put anything else that needs to be moved.

3) Once these steps are done, make sure you have help. Whether it’s a very heavy couch, or a light table, it’s always necessary to have someone there to at least guide you where you are walking, or to help you carry the item.

4) A simple, but overlooked fact: Life with your legs, and not your lower back! You wouldn’t believe how many people know this fact, but once they begin to lift the item, they jerk it up using their arms and back. Don’t do this! This will cause unnecessary injury that will keep you sore for days, or even weeks.

5) An optional step for people who may be a little clumsy (like me…). Take breaks. Even if it’s light, take breaks every minute or so of carrying, ESPECIALLY if it’s a heavy item! I do this with anything that I carry, and it seems to have helped me every time.

6) Follow through with the plan you made in step 2 and enjoy the new furniture!

I hope this guide helped you with your questions on moving furniture!

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