Key Steps On How Improving Your Garage Can Help Sell Your Home

How Improving Your Garage Can Help Sell Your Home

You’ll be moving to another home soon. This is a larger, more spacious property which is perfect for your family and all your needs. The location of the new home is also convenient to where you’re working so you can’t wait to move. However, since you’re moving, this would mean that you have to sell the home you’re living right now. The money you’ll earn from the sale will be very helpful for your moving expenses – that’s why as much as possible, you want to get the best deal. Aside from cleaning your home and making sure that it’s still in very good condition, there are several ways on how you can improve your garage so you can sell your home better. To give you an idea what these are, consider the list below:

  1. Create an elevated storage system: Regardless of how small or big your garage is, there are many ways on how you can improve its storage system – and of this is by making use of your ceiling. This is a very simple DIY project which will give future homeowners convenience and accessibility, while freeing up storage space on the ground. And the best part? You’ll only need a couple of hours to complete this project with plywood, crates, screws and other tool. All of these can be easily purchased from your local hardware store.
  2. Revamp your garage door: This is probably one of the easiest way you can add value to your garage. Instead of settling with the garage door you have right now, opt to use a garage door which has a contemporary model. By doing this, you’ll be able to increase the curb appeal of your home while adding color and texture. When shopping for a new garage door, consider those which have louvered panels, frosted glass and reclaimed woods. These are excellent options for making a bold statement without compromising quality. These materials are also very durable and can protect your garage for different weather conditions and wear-and-tear. If you’re considering this upgrade, buy Costco doors for more options and designs.
  3. Epoxy your garage floors: Your garage floors can last longer if it has epoxy flooring. This material can last long and can handle massive amounts of traffic. This means that regardless of how many people and vehicles use the garage, an epoxy floor won’t be damaged. This is also dust proof and water resistant, making cleaning a breeze. This is a cheap flooring option that can still give you elegance – all thanks to the natural sheen an epoxy floor can produce.
  4. Upgrade the entrance into a mudroom: This is an upgrade appropriate if you have an attached garage on your property. You can upgrade your garage door entrance into a mudroom. This can be an area where future homeowners can hang their jackets and umbrellas, without requiring additional space inside the home. For this project, you’ll only need hooks and racks in different sizes. You can also add cubbies as storage areas for backpacks and shoes. If there’s still room, add a bench attached to the wall.
  5. Change the security alert settings: Your garage was built to keep everything out and to secure your vehicles and other belongings. If it doesn’t do this, your garage will be useless – something which buyers will never want to have. Before selling your home, upgrade your garage with the latest alarm systems. There are models available which allows you to monitor if the garage door is left open and then sends you a notification. If you want to save, you can also come up with your own automated sensor.
  6. Build a crafting corner or workshop:Workshop Tools Instead of selling your garage with blank walls, convert these to a crafting corner or workshop. This will add function to your garage which can drastically increase its value. You can start by buying or installing a workbench and then equip this with drawers and storage containers. A pegboard can be an excellent option for this upgrade especially if you’re planning to use a wall with tight spaces.
  7. Make sure your garage is insulated: If your garage is not properly insulated, it’ll be difficult for you to sell it in a good price. Nowadays, buyers are very keen on their vehicle’s condition while being inside the garage. Regardless of how good your garage looks, if it’s not insulated, buyers might turn down your offer. This is the reason why you should make sure that your garage is properly-insulated. This will ensure that regardless of the weather outside, everything is stored in room temperature. This is a feature which is very attractive to potential buyers. You can have the option of insulating your garage on your own or hire professionals to help you out.
  8. Add proper lighting: Sure, you might be able to work inside your garage during the daytime but can you still do the same in dark nights? Your garage’s lighting is also something buyers look into. Ensure that your garage has proper light fixtures installed and all of these are actually working. You should also make sure that switches for these fixtures are also visible and within reach.
  9. Small Touches Can Go A Long Way: Selling your home doesn’t come easy. For one, this is the place is where you and your family have made so many memories together, and second, you want to make sure that your home will be sold in a price that’s worth it. As one way of addressing the later, keep in mind the tips from this article. This can serve as your guide so the moment you’ll leave this home, you’re not doing it with a heavy heart – you’ll do it happily because you know you’ve put time and effort to increasing your home’s value through your garage!

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