How to Sell Your House Fast

How to Sell Your House Fast

Everyone hopes to get a quick sale on their property, as, especially when it is your home, it can be very disruptive. Constantly having to keep the house clean and tidy and to be available at different times of the day and evening can be inconvenient. However, regardless of whether you chose to use a high street agency or an online one, both can help you avoid a lot of hassle, certainly with viewings; the cleaning, sadly, is down to you! 

Good and Bad Times to Sell

Sometimes it’s not possible to choose the time of year to sell your property, but, if it is, then spring is best. Your garden is coming to life and will continue to do so throughout the coming weeks. Winter is not such a good time as your property won’t look its best. Buyers are also less enthusiastic about contemplating a move in bad weather, especially as Christmas approaches, however, they may begin their search in January.

A good time to put your property on the market is a couple of weeks before Easter – this gives buyers the opportunity to see it online and to view over the holiday period. Other reasons include:

  • Agents will tell you that, traditionally, this is an optimum time to sell
  • The property market wakes up as the better weather appears on the horizon
  • Lighter days and hopefully sunshine will increase the appeal of your home
  • Parents will try to fit in their moving date with the ending of the school year
  • A summer moving day is preferable to one in the depths of winter

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Market Your Property Like a Pro

Be sure to push any plus points that your house has over its competitors. Are there good transport links, schools and shopping centres nearby? Also, avoid negatives such as if your street is a rat run at peak travelling times or has troublesome neighbours. Do allow the online or high street agency to put up a ‘for sale’ board as this is a highly effective method of advertising 

Get Your Paperwork in Order

According to Yopa, one of the biggest factors that can slow down a house sale is delayed paperwork, and specifically any searches which need to be done by the council. As such, we recommend pulling together any and all pertinent documentation at the earliest stage to mitigate any bureaucratic delays that fall outside of your control. 

The Selling Price

Getting this right is crucial for a quick sale, but, always get several valuations and plump for one somewhere in the middle, even if it’s less than you were anticipating. An overpriced house will rarely sell, as, just as you have, potential purchasers will have done their homework. A buyer will only pay what they feel a house is worth, and, as everyone likes to think they have managed to get a good deal, perhaps allow, depending on the value, around £5,000 to £10,000 ‘wiggle room’ in your asking price.

Find A Good Estate Agent

If you decide to take the online agency route, remember – the cheapest will not be the best. However, even the most expensive will be massively cheaper than a high street agency. As both provide a similar service, compare what is on offer, how much it will cost and which one you will feel more comfortable with. An important point is that viewings are best carried out when you are not at home. The reason for this is very simple – a prospective buyer will not be honest whilst you are listening. If you are not there, they will voice any negatives, which can then be converted into positives by the agent accompanying them, hopefully resulting in that sought-after quick sale.

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