How to personalize your new home

There comes a time in the moving process where excitement trumps stress. Once the apartment is picked, the moving company is hired, and all the paperwork is signed, all that’s left to do is personalizing the new home. This is where moving turns from work into art; it’s time to play decorator. Making a new apartment your own shouldn’t be daunting, it should be fun. With the right approach, creating a unique home environment that feels appropriate for you isn’t too much trouble. Use these tips to create a new home environment where you can feel comfortable, you can feel economical, and you can feel like you.

Decorate Your Canvas

Your new home is a canvas, decorate it! Acquire your floor plans/blueprints and  get measurements for the rooms, to be able to tell which rooms will be packed and which will have plenty of available space. This available space is where creativity can thrive. Is there enough room in the living room for a bigger TV? Could even more storage drawers fit in the bedroom?  Can you expand the storage space in the kitchen? Once you figure out how much space and storage you have to work with, it’s up to you to fill it. You can find cheap storage containers, shelves and fun, stylish baskets on inexpensive websites like FreeCycle, eBay, Craigslist, or several others dedicated to secondhand selling.

Declutter before you move in

The moving process gives a person an opportunity to take stock of all their belongings and figure out which they should keep as they transition into a new phase of their life. In tallying the items they own, most people realize they should dump all the superfluous and redundant items they own that they won’t ever miss. But people should also consider whether the largest, most cluttering items they own are worth moving into their new home. For tips on moving large furniture items, read this rentbuynsell blog. Removing some of these items creates an opportunity to open up massive amounts of space, or at least to create a new design concept by purchasing a different style of a similar item. Don’t forget to check organized areas, such as drawers or in-home storage products, for “hidden clutter” that might seem innocuous in a well organized place.

Prepare your space to create space

Create storage space in boxes

It’s helpful to have certain kinds of items stored together in the same box. Charger cords is a good example; instead of laying them out around your home, you can keep them all in the same box in your living room. The same could go for jewelry, hats, and several other items you don’t use every day that are still worth keeping. Buy a spice rack for the kitchen if you don’t already have one.  Warm beanies could be stored together in the summer, or swimsuits in the winter, though these boxes would likely be stowed in a closet or other storage area. If you pack these items together on moving day, maybe you won’t even have to unpack them to keep them well organized in your new home. Boxes you do unpack can be used as storage for the other items you’ll keep in closets, the basement, and/or the attic.

Use the walls to make your mark

Wall space is your secret weapon in your new home. This space can take two main utilities. Wall decorations are a great way to add personality to a home, and many would use this space to add some art to liven up their space. Art isn’t the only thing one can hang on their walls, though; family photos or other meaningful memorabilia can be stored on the walls, too. Framing individual items can be a surprisingly easy process for those who have the desire to hang a meaningful souvenir on their walls. Beyond decor, however, walls can help add extra storage space to your home. Hanging wall shelves and other storage products can help you use all the available space in your home while adding a modern touch to the decor. Neighborhood furniture chains like IKEA and Target stock items that can help you add shelves, baskets to store accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves under a bench, decorative wall hooks, and other items to your walls to add more storage.

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