How To Add Value To Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home, and arenot quite satisfied with the current valuation, you might want to make a few changes that can add thousands to your asking price.

House renovations arenot something to think about lightly. They can cost hundreds or even thousands to implement, but you could also reap the benefits in your sale.

To help you think about your options, this guide will show you what types of renovations you can make to add value to your home.

An open plan living space

Open plan living has become an incredibly desirable home layout. Young families want to be able to entertain and care for their children while also cooking in the kitchen, others just enjoy the modern and fresh feel open plan spaces provide.

Of course, older homes are not created with open plan living in mind. So, you might want to consider knocking down a wall or two.

According to a study by HomeOwners Alliance, knocking down a wall to create an open plan kitchen and diner can cost around £3,500 but add anywhere between £5,800 and £48,500. That is mega.

Kitchen Upgrades

Speaking of a kitchen diner, a kitchen update can significantly boost your house’s value. Whether you opt for new worktops or completely new cabinets, kitchen upgrades are one update that can add plenty of value without breaking the bank.

Retiling, or using tile paint templates can quickly transform the room. But if you really want to make your kitchen a dream for potential buyers, installing an island, double sink or elegant pull down kitchen faucet will do the trick.

More Natural Light

Replacing windows for more desirable options can instantly add value to your house. Sash windows, bay windows and skylights flood the house with beloved natural light, while also adding character to the interior. Even if you are selling an older home, new windows do not have to look out of place. You can upgrade with timber windows to keep the general aesthetic of the house the same, while improving energy efficiency at the same time.

Downstairs Plumbing

A downstairs bathroom, or multiple bathrooms are a huge attraction for buyers. Those with older parents may consider the accessibility of facilities when they visit and want to buy a future proof home for them and their families.

Under the stairs is a common space for a small downstairs toilet. The project can be done fairly cheaply but could add tens of thousands to your asking price.

En Suites

Speaking of toilets, an en suite bathroom is a dreamy asset that makes your home more valuable to potential buyers.

An en suite on the master bedroom might not be possible but could be created using a spare room if you can afford to give up the space.

Landscaping & Curb Appeal

If you are on the lookout for your own home to buy, you might have been drawn in to viewings by the front of the house alone. This is because the house has curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to the outside of the house and can include anything from adding plant pots to each side of the front door, adding outdoor lighting and landscaping any garden space you have.

Loft Conversions

Whether you make enough space for an extra bedroom, home office or cinema, a loft conversion can add thousands to the value of your home.

Loft conversions can be incredibly costly and take a long while to do. So, if you are wanting a fast sale, this might not be the right option. If you are willing to take the property off the market for a short time, you could be reaping the benefits of a loft conversion when you inevitably sell the house for more.

Dealing with ongoing issues

Of course, we can all dream of big renovations, but it is important to sweat the small stuff when it comes to adding value. Damp, leaks, roof tiles and structural issues should not be ignored. Improving the general quality of the property and its structure will instantly increase house value without having to break the bank. Consult a specialist to see how you can prevent damp long term and consider replacing any loose roof tiles to ensure you are not simply selling an insurance claim waiting to happen.

Energy Efficiency

The final way to add value to your home is by improving its energy efficiency. Families looking for a new home are always on the lookout for energy efficient spaces. Replacing the old boiler, improving insulation and sealing any drafts on doors or skirting boards are quick ways to improve the efficiency without spending too much in the process.

You would be surprised how much you can add to the value of your home. With these upgrades you could add thousands to your asking price – enough to find your own dream property.

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