How Do I Contact The Owner Of A Home_ – The Best Techniques Revealed

Finding the owner of an address can be a daunting task for someone who doesn’t know the tricks of the trade when looking up homeowner information.

Acquiring owner information on an address doesn’t have to be a tedious task- the internet is an excellent place to find any type of information. From discovering new recipes to learning about the 1800s, a simple Google search can help you find specific information in a relatively short amount of time.

Thank goodness that in this modern age, a quick Google search or using another search engine often finds more results than the average person can even handle going through entirely.

The internet is full of helpful information, including property owner Information. It’s the best place for someone who wants to find information on a property to start.

Reasons To Lookup Property Owner Information

Looking up or verifying The owner of a property might sound invasive. Still, there are plenty of valid reasons someone would have to confirm or find information on a property. This includes looking up the owner of a property’s contact information. For example, Real estate professionals need property owner information for verification purposes and to reach out to property owners of specific homes.

The real estate market is also currently hot for sellers. Someone in desperate need of purchasing a home might want to try to find the contact information of a homeowner, so they can immediately get in direct contact with a property owner selling their home.

Luckily, with the Internet and other technologies (such as cell phones), searching, verifying information, and getting in touch with a property owner is now easier than ever.

To look for and verify property owner information, all anyone needs is Internet access and a tool that can connect them to the internet. Once you can access these tools, there are several methods that you can use to help you find a verify property owner information. Some are easier and often more successful than others. Let’s look into these methods further.

Top Online Techniques To Find And Verify Homeowner Information

  1. Search Google. 
  • Check Local Government Websites
  • Use A Professional Property Lookup Tool

These top three techniques can potentially provide address information based on what the searcher is looking for. Let’s discuss each method.

Search Google

Google is almost always the place to start when looking up any information. Usually, if Google can’t find you what you are looking for free of charge, they can provide you with paid resources. Either way, it’s a great search engine to start on when looking and verifying property information.

Usually, Google will show you results to websites that will hand out that basic information for free. However, this free information typically doesn’t include contact information or even specific owner information such as the homeowner’s full name.

Google may pull up results when looking for property information that includes links to property lookup tools, which is another option that will be discussed momentarily. It might be worth a try to do a quick search on Google, but don’t expect to find specific property owner information immediately and for free. Finding detailed property owner information with little effort is a rare occurrence.

Check Local Government Websites

When a person owns a property, they pay taxes on the property. Therefore, a county will have information on any property that pays taxes and is located within the county’s jurisdiction. So there is a chance if you are looking for property information that you can find it by discovering the county the property is located in and then going to their assessor website. You can also physically visit the county assessor’s office.

Another great resource is NETROnline. NETROnline is a useful online tool that shares links to online public records such as the county’s Assessor and Tax Collector websites.

These websites can be a tool for locating property owner information. However, most county offices containing property owner information don’t have specific information on a property, such as a cell phone number. In addition, this method can take time to do and is limited to the data received.

Use A Professional Property Lookup Tool

Our top suggestion is utilizing professional software through a property search website. Using a professional property lookup tool makes finding homeowner information easy- simply type in the address into the property search website’s search bar. Once you search the address, you typically can choose the report you want, create an account and view your report.

Using a property search website with access to billions of property records within the United States is our recommendation for researching property owner details. In addition, property owner tools often provide essential current and past homeowner informational a handy report.

This information includes contact details (when available, some residential information is private for various reasons).


The Internet is an excellent resource for looking up information, including finding and verifying property owner information. Using the above techniques will help you to get in touch with a specific homeowner.

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