Your tenancy contract comes to an end, and you’re going through the eviction notice, wondering where to start again. Your move out date is a month away, so you chuck the note on your study table only to come back to it three weeks later, fraught with worry. How do you manage the relocation in just a week? You sink in the couch, dreading a catastrophe. But wait! It is never too late. There is always a way to cope with every problematic situation in life. And therefore, this situation has a way out as well!

Moving houses is a painstaking task. Your home is a place where you live, which means it has all the belongings that you hoarded over the years. Just the mere thought of packing it all and shifting it to a new place altogether is enough to toss you into a panic attack. Add it to the massive blunder of overestimating the available time, and you just cooked up a perfect recipe for disaster. However, it is in these times that some smart and efficient packing and moving tips and a holistic moving checklist can come in very handy. So without further ado, since you already have way too little time, let us start packing and moving!

Chalk Out A Plan:

Plan, plan, and while you are at it, plan some more! We can never overemphasize the significance of having a thoroughly planned relocation. Even though it may seem that you do not have any time left for planning, however, it is still pretty much necessary. You will only create more problems for yourself if you fail to plan your move correctly. First up, you should decide whether you need any local moving services for your relocation, or you will handle it all yourself. Secondly, list down all that needs doing such as renting cardboard boxes for packing, calling the utility services and informing them about your move, or calling your friends over for some help. Create a thorough checklist of all your tasks so that you may not forget anything essential out of anxiety or panic.

Scream For Help:

No, we do not mean screaming out your window at strangers, but yes, call up your friends and plead for some support with the moving. If you are alone, then it is all the more needed since it is very tough to handle it all by yourself. Ask some family and friends to drop by and lend you a hand in packing and getting other relocation chores done. This way, your move will become more age able and stress-free.


Now let us jump over to the next most critical phase of moving, which is packing! It is also the most extensive and tiring part, which is why we advise you to take it slow. Consider sorting one room at a time and do not randomly declutter and shove things inside boxes. It will only complicate things for you later when you start unpacking in your new place. You may begin with the kitchen since it often has the most stuff. Declutter all the items which you need to take and the ones that require disposing of. Relocation is the perfect time to sort between things that you need and the ones that are just there because you did not get an opportunity to declutter.

Make sure you keep things to a minimum. It is a natural human instinct to hoard since it is emotionally draining to bid farewell to something you have an attachment with. However, we advise you to keep things that need packing essentially minimal so that it does not take much of your time.

Label Your Cartons:

While you are decluttering, get yourself some color-coded cartons to pack things side by side. Color-coded cartons will help you distinguish which carton holds items for which room. So, for example, you are loading the kitchen, get a red coded carton, and keep all your stuff in it. However, this seems a little time-taking, to get plain cardboard boxes and tag them yourself. But it is the right way to do this to label all kitchen cartons as K#1, K#2, and further on.

Moreover, you should also keep a separate list of all the items that go in each box. It will help you unpack later on, and you will know what goes where. Get a sheet of paper and start listing. Put up the heading of the corresponding tag on the box such as K#1, and under it, list down all that this particular box holds.

Fill In The Spaces:

One very crucial rule of packing is not to leave boxes empty. It helps in ensuring that your items stay safe since the more stuffed space is, the lesser the chance of things colliding and breaking. If you have room left inside the cartons, you can fill it up with towels, clothing, etc. It will also help save a few carton boxes.

Heavier Stuff for the Bottom!

While packing, remember to place all the heavy items on the bottom of the cartons. Stock up all the lightweight things over these. This way, you will help prevent the risk of heavier items squishing and breaking any lightweight or smaller items.

Make An Essentials Bag:

Even though you have to pack all your stuff, you will still need things to survive on your move out day. It would be best if you kept all such essential items in a separate bag that you can easily carry once all your stuff is loaded and sent to your new place. It would also help if you brought some eatables in this bag since you never know how much time your move out can take and whether you will have the convenience of devouring a full meal. In such a time, gobbling on some snacks will do you good!


The final one has to be the most critical relocation tip! Moving out is a stressful thing. You are bound to get anxious, nervous, and worried. However, it is also crucial to realize that worrying will only make it worse for you. Do what you have to do; however, do not get anxious; instead, enjoy your big move!


House packing and moving are incredibly strenuous. However, the excitement of moving to a new place is also tremendous. Try to focus on ensuring a streamlined and planned relocation process. Make sure you decide and get work done on time. This way, you can enjoy your move and assure your relocation stays trouble-free and pleasurable.

Infographic provided by True Friends Moving Company

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