Garden Improvement Tips For Selling Your Home

Garden Improvement Tips For Selling Your Home

Here are six key gardening improvement tips that could help you to sell your home:

Work with what you have!

Before thinking about investing any money in drastic landscaping alterations, think about whether a dash of maintenance could help to spruce up asserts your garden is already sporting. You can often unleash a garden’s potential just by removing loose leaves, clearing away clutter, removing weeds from the patio and mowing an overgrown lawn. A clear, spotless garden will allow potential buyers to see the potential of the outdoor space.

Remove big items.

Large objects, such as garden furniture, barbeques, trampolines, and lawnmowers, take up lots of space and can create the optical illusion that the outdoor space available is smaller than the reality. The illusion of limited outdoor space can deter potential buyers. You don’t have to throw away the large item, simply store them out of sight during property viewings. You might have to put some items into temporary storage for a few weeks while your home is on the market. Your goal should be to create the impression that the garden is open and spacious.

The small details matter.

When someone is seriously considering making an offer on your property, they are likely to examine the smallest of details, including fine details in your garden. If your back fence requires a new coat of paint, get the paintbrushes out today.

Similarly, if any paving stones or patio stones have moss and direct clinging to them, clean them with a pressure washer and remove any weeds growing in the joints. If you don’t already own a pressure washer, don’t buy one, simply hire one for a day from a company like HSS Hire. By paying attention to finer details, you are more likely to leave those viewing your property with a positive impression.

Attend to your lawn.

For a lot of homeowners, a pristine lawn is essential – the average UK citizen spends almost 60 days of their life just mowing lawns to perfection according to research conducted by Grono. So, you must ensure your garden appeals to those who love nice lawns. You can often obtain higher offers just by ensuring your lawns are trimmed and free from weeds and balding spots. A good-looking lawn makes those viewing your property assume your home has a lawn that is easy to maintain, making it’s instantly more appealing to lawn-lovers.

Flower beds are your friend!

A garden in full bloom with spring and summer flowers is a tried-and-tested way to impress those viewing your home for the first time. No need to go crazy. A few flowing plants dotting around your garden is all that’s needed. If you are planting a vegetable garden then plan ahead for when you sell and plant vegetables and flowers that will blossom at that time. As we’re entering fall, rutabagas are an excellent choice for a root crop at this time of year and here are some more.

Remember, there are any abundance of ready-made pots, hanging baskets and flower beds available in garden centers around the country. Arguably one of the best garden centers in the country to visit if you live near Gosforth is the Wyevale Garden Centre, which stocks everything you need to beautify your garden. A visit to the center can also be an enjoyable family day outing.

Maintain, maintain, maintain!

You need to keep at it. It can often take a long time to sell a house and you are likely to receive lots of viewings before receiving your first offer. By keeping your garden well-maintained for the duration, you won’t have to worry about staying up all night to get it ready if someone books a short-notice viewing. Turn keeping your garden in good condition into a habit and make it a top priority. When you choose low-maintenance designs, it will not be hard.

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