Garden Decorating Tips For Spring 2018

Garden Decorating Tips For Spring

Spring is here! The sun is out and shining, and it is quite warm. We are now skipping coats and are hanging lots of washing to dry in the brightly shining sun. It is time to prepare our gardens for more than just our laundry. With the weather being so lovely, there are lots of fun ways to decorate as we prepare to spend lots of time outdoors during summer and spring.

One of the things I will be doing this year will be updating our garden furniture. We have large and colorful umbrellas to provide shade from the sun on days when it gets sweltering hot, and I’d love to add several new chairs and a table with colorful outdoor cushions. I am also looking forward to adding a seating area where the kids can play and eat.

Brightly colored flowers are a great way to liven up your garden and make it more fun. I love purple and pink flowers, but warm ones like yellow, red, and orange flowers are also great.

Small decorative details such as hanging ornaments can give a garden a cute look quite quickly. However, it is important that they are looked after. If there are areas that look bare, consider adding something pretty. These pieces from Outdoor art pros can also look great.

I’m a lazy gardener and prefer having plants in baskets and pots instead of them growing around the lawn wildly. Consider mixing different flowers in a big container for exciting looks and make use of fun things like an old teapot to plant herbs or flowers in.

Use height by hanging baskets to plant flowers/herbs on different levels. Consider hanging things on fences or walls or even hooks.

Set up a hammock to create a really comfortable area to relax while in the garden and the weather allows. It is advisable that you go for something weatherproof so that you never have to remove it when it starts raining. Add cozy blankets for slightly chilly days, and you are ready for some outdoor nap or reading time.

If there is a strong tree in your yard, consider hanging a traditional swing to create a lovely seating place for both kids and adults. You could also set it up on stands, but there is something about a swing hanging on a tree that makes it special.

I am really looking forward to spring and to spending some quality time with family in our garden when the weather gets warmer.

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