Easy Ways to Improve Your Internet Speed

The speed of your internet connection depends on several factors such as your computer, software, browser, Wi-Fi, ISP, and hardware. In this article, we will tell you about how you can manipulate these factors to speed up your internet connection speed.

So before you even consider getting a more expensive plan that promises a faster internet speed, maybe you should try the changes found in this article first.

Computer Settings

Did you know that the settings of your computer affect your download speed? The default settings of Microsoft Windows any operating system are not set up for the fastest internet connections. A free tool, TCP Optimizer, can help you change the settings to maximize your internet speed. It can be downloaded from the internet and can be installed quickly and easily right on your computer. Just do what the app says, click on its every prompt, and it will maximize your internet connection settings in full power.


Your internet browser also has an effect on your overall internet speed. Whether you use Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera to surf the net, if your browser is outdated, it slows down the loading time. Which is why it’s important to always keep your browser up to date with the latest possible version. This guarantees that your browser is empowered to give you the fastest loading time.

Some browsers can also be configured and manipulated to increase internet browsing speed. For instance, Chrome likes to install cache files of the websites you visit. Opera has what is called an “off-road mode”, which enables pages to load quicker as it compresses them before being downloaded. There are also extensions in Google Chrome and Firefox which can make browsing speed faster.

Speed up by talking to the ISP

If you are still experiencing a very slow internet connection speed, then you definitely should start looking at different broadband packages offered in your area. The package you get and the speed available within your vicinity, often vary depending on where your location is.

Choosing the best package of available internet service provider in the market can be overwhelming. There are just so many choices! But this trick can help you choose:

Here in our website, we have a page called “speed in my area” where you just enter your postal code, and a map will be displayed showing the package and the provider of the actual internet speeds recorded. Knowing about which packages offer the fastest internet speed in your area becomes a click away.

You can also compare deals and packages available within your area to help you choose which provider and package suit you best in our “compare broadband” page. We like to help you and you can get the best broadband deals on uSave.

After deciding which package you want for your home, you can click Buy Now to get a guide on how to switch ISPs.

Wireless Connection

Please see our page on How to Improve Wireless Speed if you are using Wi-Fi

Software Running In The Background

As soon as you turn on the computer, a lot of background programs start running. Even if some appear to be “closed”, many of these incognito programs need internet access, therefore using up your data allowance, and slowing down your download speed. Most of these applications can be stopped and quitted, aside from Windows updates and security suite updates which are both essential in keeping your computer up to date and away from harm. Checking the Applications Tab on your Task Manager will pinpoint you the running apps that are required to be manually turned off. You can also change their settings to stop their automatic syncing and update downloading whenever you log on your computer

You also have the option to use a tool such as PC Speed Up to manage running programs on your computer. There is a free version of this tool available to download.


Your router and/or your modem also affect your internet speed. There are modems and/or routers that are built for gaming – as gaming needs a lot of bytes downloaded per second and there are some that are equipped with better firewalls. Routers should also be placed where there are minimal obstructions, such as walls, from your computer or where you usually surf the internet. You can check if your house’s interior is the one to blame for your slow speed by checking the wireless speed against the speed when you connect a network cable directly to your computer.

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