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Using Virtual Technology for Rental Home Inspections

In light of social distancing rules, traditional home inspections like open houses have drastically reduced or come to a halt. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that tenants still want to view their options before selecting and moving into a place. To meet this need, landlords have had to get with the program and find virtual technology solutions. These solutions use technology like video...

Why People Love to Hate Property Rental

Why People Love to Hate Property Rental

The main reason people love to hate property rental is because of the fees. Read on to discover more. What Are You Paying For As A Landlord? Letting agent fees vary greatly depending on the company and the services that they offer. It can be tempting as a landlord to dispense with these services and save yourself money. However, once you understand what exactly you are paying for you can see that...

7 Tips For A Solid Rental Agreement

 7 Tips For a Solid Rental Agreement

Source Owning a home to use as a rental property has the potential to bring in residual income while you work at your full-time job, but the endeavor can become stressful and frustrating if rules aren’t laid out. Being a landlord to a tenant requires you to understand the rules and regulations for your state along with deciding what you do and don’t want to allow in the home. Establishing rules in...

How Much Should you Charge for Your Rental Property

How Much Should you Charge for Your Rental Property

Investing is always a risky opportunity, but there are different types of investments to choose from. Investing in real estate is always a great option; whether you invest in a home or a condo, you can become a landlord and rent the space to tenants who need it. The rent would essentially pay off your mortgage, while you build equity in the home. Choosing to rent your home or condo as opposed to selling...

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