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If we see from business’s perspective, those long decision-making days are totally killing. Real estate brokers and firms put of much efforts to close a deal that each day wait is nothing less than torture. However, they can actually speed up the closing process by automating the sales process. Automation of few tasks like lead generation and lead management, reply the buyers’ queries promptly and timely and track the progress of each lead will help them to leverage the sales process and close a deal far earlier than ever before. To know more how to achieve this, keep on reading. Easy lead management means faster deal closing Lead is what you need to witness success. Real estate is one such industry where lead conversation ratio is very low. The reason being is a lot of people inquire but only a handful of buys. With such a low conversion ratio, no real estate business can afford to lose a single lead. Plus, managing so many leads is also very tough. Your representatives will find it difficult to sort them out based on their interests and needs. Once you automate the lead management process, you can easily save all the data over a single place. You can quickly create a new lead, keep them posted about your deals and offers, and add customized activities with respective leads. One more thing here to notice is that there is a need to go a lot of regress follow-up in the real estate industry. You need to contact your leads again and again. With automation of sales process using CRM software, you will be able to update the follow-up details, set next follow-up date, import and export any other details related to the leads and add custom fields to them. When you are able to get all the details related to a particular lead, chances are high that you will do the right pitching and convert them into business. So, easy lead management simply indicates that you will speed up deal closing process. Simplified operations Real estate is one such industry where operations are pretty complex. Regress follow-up, huge negotiation, long client face-time, and various paperwork are some of the operations that are highly labor intensive and complex in nature. With such complex operations, it is often found that real estate agents stay engaged in all these tasks most of the time and loss focus from lead conversion. Henceforth, they witness slow, or no closing of deals. However, automation of all these tasks helps the real estate industry to set their representatives free from all these customary and tedious tasks and allow them to focus their primary function i.e. to close a deal. Better communication Though communication is one of the most important components of every business, its importance increases by manifolds in the real estate industry. You need to be in constant touch with your prospective clients regarding their concerns, requirements, and needs. If there is a loophole in your real estate business communication then chances are bleak that you will enjoy a high number of a closed deal. Email is one of the most prominent ways to do business communication. Businesses prefer to comminute via email rather than phone as it is easy, quick and act as a proof communication has happened. Email automation helps a real estate industry to send bulk emails, set reminders to send a particular email to a particle client, sync all the contacts with the email and send automatic follow-up reminders to the agents. When you have such an advanced level of communication, your agents are going to close a deal easily, promptly and profitability than ever before. Great sale support system to the clients and the team If you want to witness a surge in your deal closing number then it is very important that you provide a great support sales support system for your sales team as well as to the customers. In the wake of technology, the AI has taken a new name and it is “Sales Bots”. A product of high-end integration, sales-bots are there to nurture your leads, remind the clients and the sales team about the pending deal, alerts the salespeople about every new lead, automatically create the follow-up task sequence and notify the prospective clients about the on-going discounts on their pending deals. Even sales-bots are so efficient that they create automatic deal of existing customers and notify them in prior. When your sales team and customer get such an extensive support system, closing a deal is easy as hassle-free. There is no second opinion that the real estate industry requires some extra efforts to generate revenue. However, a simple step of automation of the sales process makes a huge difference in all aspects. So, automate the sales process and take your real-estate business at new heights.

How can you close real estate leads faster by automating the sales process

Real estate is a tough business. It takes a lot to close a deal in this industry and why it shouldn’t be. Buying a property is not like buying groceries (though that is also very tough in its own sense).  People keep their lifetime saving at stake when they are buying a property. So, they double check everything before signing the final deal. Now, that a buyer’s perspective! If we see from...

Land Contract

Contract for Deed: Land Contract

What is it? A contract for a deed, also called land contract or agreement for deed, is a type of seller financing. Seller financing is where the seller lends money to the buyer to help them purchase his/her property. In this type of sale, the buyer and the seller enter an agreement where the seller agrees to finance the buyer and the buyer usually puts in a down payment. This agreement also contains...

Property In Sebastopol

10 Things To Consider Before Buying Property In Sebastopol CA

Property investment should never be approached without proper knowledge and some research. Of course, you don't have to be a real estate expert before buying property in Sebastopol CA, but there are some basics you want to keep in mind along the way. What are these basics you wonder? Well, they are definitely not complicated. And to aid you in making the best choice, here are 10 things to consider before...

radon detector

Radon Detection and Selling Your Home: What You Need To Know

Selling your home can be one of the most difficult endeavors to fulfill, especially when it comes to specifics such as paperwork, negotiations, and final arrangements. After all, just because you have a home doesn't mean it will attract a lot of buyers, and even if it did, you need to make sure it's going to be sold for what it's truly worth. If you're in the process of making adjustments to your home and...

How to Sell Your House Fast

How to Sell Your House Fast

Everyone hopes to get a quick sale on their property, as, especially when it is your home, it can be very disruptive. Constantly having to keep the house clean and tidy and to be available at different times of the day and evening can be inconvenient. However, regardless of whether you chose to use a high street agency or an online one, both can help you avoid a lot of hassle, certainly with viewings; the...

how to sell old house

5 Smart Ways To Attract More Buyers To Your Home

Selling a home is not an easy task. Home buyers have become more demanding when buying a new home for them. You need innovative ideas to make these process faster and engaging. Before buying a house and making it their home, a buyer sees it as a product and consider whether it's worth the money they will be paying to buy it or not. Selling a home needs a lot of preparation to make your home looks...

When is the right time to sell your luxury property

When is the right time to sell your luxury property

The best period to seal the most profitable deal The process that involves in the selling of a luxury property is not the same as that of a non-luxury one. A luxury property generally takes longer to sell than the others as there are fewer potential buyers in the market who would be interested to spend a fortune for it. There are a number of aspects that are needed to be taken care of in order to get a...

Common Contractor Mistakes

Top Most Common Scheduling Mistakes by Contractors

Scheduling mistakes by contractors can result in delays and disruptions. It can also result in significant loss of productivity, thus affecting the project’s budget. The scheduling process is crucially important to clients and general contractor should ensure that all factors are taken into account when creating the schedule. Here are 8 common scheduling mistakes by contractors that should be...

7 Tips For Getting Your Mortgage Application Approved

7 Tips For Getting Your Mortgage Application Approved

A mortgage requires work - though the end result of owning your own property is very much worth it. Here are some tips for getting an application approved. Save A Huge Deposit Possible Most mortgage providers will give lowest interest rates to people who have large deposits. Thus, a majority of the top deals are limited to buyers that can present 35% - 45% of their property's value and those that...

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