How to Sell Your House Fast

How to Sell Your House Fast

Everyone hopes to get a quick sale on their property, as, especially when it is your home, it can be very disruptive. Constantly having to keep the house clean and tidy and to be available at different times of the day and evening can be inconvenient. However, regardless of whether you chose to use a high street agency or an online one, both can help you avoid a lot of hassle, certainly with viewings; the...

Large driveway to home

Choosing Between an Asphalt and Concrete Driveway

One major decision you’ll make when it comes to installing a driveway is whether to use asphalt or concrete. Although there are many other material choices for driveways, such as brick pavers or gravel, asphalt and concrete tend to be the most practical and most commonly used.  To help you arrive at an informed decision, let’s compare asphalt and concrete driveways in terms of the following five...

Flats or homes

How To Ensure You Buy The Perfect Home

Introduction For most people, buying a home is the biggest investment they will ever make. Not only is it a huge financial undertaking, but your final choice is a decision you’ll be living with for the foreseeable future.  The process may sound daunting but, by taking the right steps, buying your perfect home doesn’t have to be stressful. Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash What is a...

Congratulations You’ve Decided to Buy Your First Home – Now What?

A Guide for First Time Home Buyers

Deciding to buy a home is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but even more exciting for a first time home buyer. After all, achieving the dream of home ownership is a sure sign that you have made it as a successful adult. At the same time, the process of purchasing a home can be a bit overwhelming if you have never bought a home before. Fortunately, the process is far less confusing and complicated than...

Managing Your Online Reputation in Real Estate

Managing Your Online Reputation in Real Estate

Brand consistency as a real estate agent is key to marketing your value and standing out from your competitors. One of the most effective ways to do this is by managing your online reputation and ensuring and keeping daily tabs on your internet footprint beyond your website. By mastering a bit of the strategy behind online reputation management and making use of the tools and resources available, you...

Student Guide To Renting

The Student Guide to Renting in the UK

Moving to home is both exciting and scary at the same time, there are so many things that need to get done! Finding a place to rent in the UK is surely one of them. From checking out the state of the walls to looking around for signs that mice might be hiding under the sofa, finding rent is hard. According to the Guardian, students pay around £15,000 per year for rent, so it’s worth your time to make...

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