Best Alternatives for Family Homes

Most parents and partners in committed relationships will have several goals for their children and relationship. One of the most common targets remains homeownership. While a few set out with a conscious choice not to have children, most couples have the age-old dream of filling their family home with children. To this end, it is essential to make the best choice to match your ideal family size for years to come and the future aspirations you might have.

A condo in Ortigas for most people sounds like an ideal choice only for couples without children. Condos nonetheless come in several sizes, and getting one that suits your family’s needs is not too hard. Moreover, this is the best accommodation choice if you live in a high-density urban area. The following are your other alternatives for a family home.

Ranch-Style Homes

These are single-story homes with low lying roofs and a rectangular shape. They often boast an open plan kitchen and dining room. The bedrooms in these homes are also typically separate, and they have a patio and full basement. In some cases, you can get a split-level ranch-style home, meaning it will have multiple floors. The homes come with expansive farmland where you can opt to keep animals or grow crops. Ranch-style homes are the ideal choice for couples looking for a farming location away from an urban area.


These home designs mimic the features found in cabins and cottages. Some of the elements that set them apart include compact, proportionate fronts, low open roofs, and small porches with square columns. There are several bungalow styles to suit your preferences. Though smaller from their exteriors compared to other alternatives, their interiors feature sufficient space since the closets are small and at times replaced by shelving and cabinets.


This term to most people will conjure grandeur. There nonetheless is no rule defining the square footage that will constitute a mansion though typically it ranges from 5,000-8,000 square feet. Other than considerable square footage, a mansion boasts luxury amenities, entertainment facilities, and high-end finishes. Moreover, it has large and spacious walk-in closets and top-notch security systems. Though expensive, a mansion is a cost-efficient choice for those with large families or those aiming for luxury living.


These mark one of the most popular choices for family homes nowadays. Though the available space for kids to play on and privacy are somewhat limited, apartments are inexpensive to buy and maintain. Furthermore, there are several perks offered with living in an apartment, including gyms, swimming pools, and party rooms, among others. The rules on what is allowed in an apartment are however somewhat limiting since all units are designed to have a similar look. You might thus not have as much freedom in customizing your home for your family.

Property developers are coming up with new family homes daily to cater to an ever-growing market. You nonetheless should not settle for just any developer for your family home. Irrespective of your choice from the above, opt for a developer well-versed in building premier homes. This way, the safety and durability of your home will be guaranteed.

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