Are you moving to a new place and don’t exactly know what to do? Don’t worry, this article is just for you. Moving into a new home is a significant milestone in life. This could be your first or third house, but the feeling that comes with finally getting the new space after the hard work of moving is unmatchable.

Moving can be time-consuming and exhausting when you don’t exactly know what you are doing. Let us lighten that load for you with a few tips guaranteed to help you in this transition. If you want to know how to move house with minimal stress, keep reading.

Our top tips will focus on:

1. How to pack boxes

2. Hiring removalists or movers

3. Cleaning tips for your new home.


When packing your boxes, you want to think ahead. Consider how you will pack so that it would be beneficial when it is time to unpack at a new place.

First of all, you want to designate an area in your current home for packing. This is so you don’t have boxes littered all over your home. This way, you are more organized and won’t be tripping over anything. Continuously move everything you want to pack to your “packing area.”

Next, You should start proper packing by sorting out what you truly need from the rest of the stuff. You don’t want your new home to be full of necessary things. You can decide to give away, donate, sell or chuck the things you don’t need.

After you decide what you truly need, grab your cardboard boxes and start packing. Don’t just throw things into boxes as you will probably start looking for misplaced items on the first day in your new house. Consider packing according to the different rooms in your new place so you can easily locate items and allocate where they will be unpacked.

Be sure to label your boxes appropriately. Suppose that you are packing things that would be in the living room area, you want to be sure that your box is marked, something that connotes that this box is for things that belong in the living room. Do the same for all other rooms till you are done packing.

If your box is big enough to fit everything that goes in one room, that is better. Packing everything that belongs in a room in one box would help make your unpacking less stressful.


Once you have packed up your boxes, the next step is to hire removalists or movers. You may prefer to move on your own. There will be a lot of heavy lifting involved so you may need to ask your family and friends to help out.

Others would prefer to save themselves all the stress and hire someone. Some moving companies can even help with packing your boxes if you want. As they are professionals with extensive experience, they will ensure that all your belongings get to your new house in one piece and that the process is smooth and simple for you.


Whether you are moving to a rented apartment or a home you just bought, cleaning the house is one of the first things you need to do. It can be a simple process as there is almost nothing in the house. But there are still some important steps to consider.

Clean everything above your head first. The ceiling fans, cupboards, windows, and lights will all collect dust. You want to make sure that you bring the dust down first so that there won’t be any dirt sprinkling on the floor after you’ve cleaned the floors. Ensure that you have cleaned every room before doing the floor of the whole house. This is so you don’t spread dirt to a previously cleaned room, thereby creating more work for yourself.

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