5 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

5 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

While binge-watching your shows on a weekend, you might have noticed how most houses shown on TV come with beautiful white shutters. The shutters are not only on top of the interior decoration aesthetic of the 21st century but are also pretty useful. These are planter shutters, and if you’ve stumbled upon this article, it means you did know what you were looking for and probably need a tad bit more convincing. 

Planter shutters are the new “hip” accessories when it comes to designing your house. Plantation shutters online have a wide variety, and they are a must-have for your porch, verandas and balconies. While the shutters give your home an aura of class and sophistication, there are five more useful benefits that might convince you to take your laptop out and order some for yourself.

Longevity and Durability

It is evident that drapes and regular blinds suffer from tears, aging and extreme wear due to weather conditions, dust and especially UV rays from the sun. The material used in drapes is not well adapted or durable to withstand such external forces.

Shutters are sturdier as compared to curtains and have a long life. They can be easily made from many different durable materials. Besides, many composite planter shutters stand well against the harshest climates. Especially areas with increased humidity and easily resist any physical changes such as cracking or fading. This property makes planter shutters ideal for installation in kitchens, sunrooms and steamy bathrooms. It gets direct sunlight and isn’t covered by any tree shade whatsoever.

A Great Investment with Energy Efficiency

Structurally, plantation shutters are very thick and accurately designed, so they fit right into the frame of your window and because of this feature they provide a great amount of insulation. The compact closing of the plantation shutters prevents any escape of heat from the inside the house to the outside. So during winters, and in the same way, the cool air stays inside and doesn’t escape nor do the heated windows radiate heat inside in the summer. This insulating property of the plantation shutters is highly energy-efficient and helps you save some big bucks on your monthly bill.

There are plenty of materials out in the market, but plantation shutters are by far the safest investment. Not only do they provide an aesthetic purpose by hiding some horrid PVC windows but with the added benefit of insulation, they’re a knockout. Shutters are also a great selling point when pitching to potential buyers as they add in an extra layer of privacy and security. Shutters will add value to your home property, and it will sell like hotcakes.

Brilliant Light Control

Many fussy sleepers need a perfectly dark room to get a good, fulfilling sleep but with drapes, curtains or blinds, some light always manages to pass through. Because of the tightly packed shutters and their accurately placed position in the frame, they can provide an ideal dark room with little to no light passing. You can control how much light you want or how dark you want the room to be. Since the slats are designed at a perfect angle to give the maximum and the minimum amount of illumination. 

The freedom to control how much light passes through and how well lit a room should make it an ideal necessity for the children’s room. For kids who need complete silence in a darkened room to be able to enjoy a delightful afternoon nap. Or simply for people who work way too hard all week and want to sleep in on a Saturday.

Beneficial For Health

Ask any asthmatic or someone with dust allergy how much dust, curtains gather and let in which very easily affects their well-being in a significant way. People who are generally healthy can also start experiencing difficulty in breathing normally, which can affect day to day functions. You may try to vacuum and dust your house regularly, and it does make a difference, but no matter how much you clean your room, the dust particles will still be able to cling on to the fabric of the curtains. Blind and curtains alike harbor plenty of dust, and it is quite difficult to give them a thorough cleaning every other day. 

Luckily, plantation shutters are quite easy to clean than any other protective window covering. If you or someone in your family have chronic asthma or dust allergy, plantation shutters will be great to help keep their environment safe from any allergens.

Another benefit of plantation shutters is their help in migraine attacks. A migraine is a severe form of headache that causes intense pain and photosensitivity. Patients who often suffer from migraine attacks prefer a darker room with little to no light passing. The tight slits of the shutter and the perfect design allow for complete control on how much light passes through and how dark a room someone wants.

Design and Look

It’s been well established that plantation shutters are quite durable when it comes to their design. Not only are they extremely resistant to any wear and tear but they also last for ages. Depending upon the type of shutters you choose to install, their maintenance may or may not be time-consuming. Shutters that consist of a polypore material don’t need a lot of maintenance apart from the occasional cleaning. But wooden shutters need a little extra attention so they can last a long time.

Shutters give your home a classic look that adds a sudden appeal. Your home will instantly look updated and very aesthetically pleasing. Shutters are a great new addition if you’re thinking of redecorating.


These benefits aren’t pretty obvious, but shutters have a lot of advantages. From giving your home a new and modern look. It helps in making sure your environment is safe and energy-efficient, plantation shutters are just what you need.

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