4 Reasons You Need Vinyl Replacement Windows in Your Investment Property

Windows in Your Investment Property

Over the last 10 years, the purchase of investment properties has grown very popular, especially in the Denver area. High demand and low inventory of homes has created a seller’s market, driving home prices up. Whether you’re looking to flip a house or turn a house into a rental property, high efficiency vinyl replacement windows are a great investment. Below are four reasons why you should install high efficiency vinyl replacement windows in your investment property.


The average American home was built in 1974, according to data from 2011 American Housing Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. Over the past 40 years, there have been a number of breakthroughs in window technology. Revolutionary window spacing materials now allow windows to expand and contract in extreme temperature fluxuations without the fear glass or seal failure. New manufacturing processes and additives such as titanium dioxide are creating stronger, more durable windows that can withstand the intense ultraviolet (UV) rays experienced in here Colorado. Advances in glass technology have led to glass that can block most UV rays and as well as reflect heat. As a result, today’s vinyl replacement windows are able to last longer and perform better than those found in most U.S. homes today. This can save the owner of a rental property thousands in window repairs and window replacement over the years. While window quality might not be a concern for an investor looking to flip a home, it is very important to home buyers.

Cost Effective

High efficiency vinyl replacement windows are nearly half the price of equivalent wooden frame windows and up to 30% less expensive than fiberglass replacement windows. On average, they also perform as well or better than wood or fiberglass windows making them the best value, especially for investment properties where property improvements must be carefully balanced with investors expected return on investment.

Low Maintenance

In order for wooden windows to perform as well as vinyl windows, they require regular maintenance and up-keep. Failure to do so can cause the window to eventually fail. In comparison, vinyl replacement windows are virtually maintenance free. This can save the owner of a rental property thousands in maintenance over the lifetime of the windows. In the case of a resale property, low maintenance windows can actually help a home seller faster.

Energy Efficient

Rising energy costs and growing concerns about the environment have driven the public’s demand for more energy efficient homes. Today’s high efficiency vinyl replacement windows preform as well or better than wood or fiberglass windows and cost a fraction of the price. Installing high efficiency vinyl windows on a resale property cannot only help the home sell quicker, it can also raise the home’s value, earning you more money. Energy efficiency is increasingly an important feature for renters as well and allowing landlords to charge renters a premium for them.

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