October 2017

Things to Look For In a Home before Signing the Deed

10 Things to Look For In a Home before Signing the Deed

Image Source Home ownership is a big deal and an equally big investment plan considering the depth of the financial transaction about to be made. Hence, it is a matter not to be taken lightly at all. When you get sick of renting and decide to buy a house which you will be living in for many years to come or possibly forever, picking the best house for you becomes a decision you have to make out of your...

7 Tips For A Solid Rental Agreement

 7 Tips For a Solid Rental Agreement

Source Owning a home to use as a rental property has the potential to bring in residual income while you work at your full-time job, but the endeavor can become stressful and frustrating if rules aren’t laid out. Being a landlord to a tenant requires you to understand the rules and regulations for your state along with deciding what you do and don’t want to allow in the home. Establishing rules in...

Sell A House From The Outside With These Curb Appeal Tricks

Sell a House from the Outside with These Curb Appeal Tricks

Image Source A home’s first impression is the exterior; there’s no way to avoid potential home buyers seeing the yard, fence, grass, landscaping and exterior paint job. It’s easy to up the curb appeal on any home you’re selling and make the first impression on potential home buyers a great one. Give the Mailbox an Upgrade A dingy mailbox can make buyers think that rest of the...

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