14 Counties Where You Can Buy Cheap Land

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Looking for a small land, tent or getaway?
Whatever your wish is, if you are looking for provincial vacant land, there are many awesome spots to choose from. If you are on a budget, below are a few of the most affordable places to find inexpensive land in the US.

1. Pima County, AZ

Located in south-central Arizona, Tucson is the population center of this county.
One of the four original counties in Arizona, Pima is named after the Pima Native Americans. The county is also home to Saguaro National Park as well as 6 other national protected areas.

2. Metcalfe County, KY

Metcalfe is located in Kentucky and was founded in 1860. Fun fact, Metcalfe is historically a dry county, although in 2016 the county had an un certified vote to abolish this. The county is also home to two landmarks: The Cut and Devil’s Den Cave.

3. Rio Arriba County, NM

Rio Arriba County is near the northern border of New Mexico close to the Colorado state line. Though it is included in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe-Las Vegas combined statistical area, there is a lot of vacant land here. There are also four national protected areas in the county, including the Santa Fe National Woodland and the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail.

4. Torrance County, NM

Torrance County is situated in the middle of the state and is the geographic center of New Mexico. On the western edge of the county are the Manzano Mountains, but Torrance County is also home to playas and seasonal lakes. In addition, the county contains two national protected areas: Cibola National Forest and Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument.

5. Park County, CO

Situated in central Colorado, this county was named for its geographic region, South Park. And if you are wondering, the South Park region is the setting for the South Park TV Show! Park County is also in the geographic center of the state and is part of the Denver-Aurora- Lakeland Metropolitan Area.

6. Klamath County, OR

Named for the Klamath people, Klamath is located in south-central Oregon near the California border. Klamath County is the fourth-largest county in Oregon and has 9 national protected areas. Some of the more famous secure areas include Crater Lake National Park and Winema National Forest.

7. Sharp County, AR

Sharp County is located in the Arkansas Ozarks. The county economy has a strong base in tourism and agriculture, including watermelon production. As may be expected with a tourism-based economy, there are many beautiful resort communities and vacation homes here.

8. Mohave County, AZ

Mohave County is situated in the northwestern corner of Arizona. Its most famous attractions are the Grand Canyon National Park and Lake Mead National Recreation Area, which are both partially in the county. There are also 18 official wilderness areas in Mohave County.

9. Kern County, CA

Kern County is in California’s Central Valley. The economy is based on agriculture as well as petroleum extraction and aviation. Kern County also has several national protect areas.

10. Hudspeth County, TX

Hudspeth County is located in Eastern Texas near the border with Mexico. The county is part of the Trans-Pecos region, also known as “Far West Texas.” It is a mountainous and vast county with a low population, and most of the region is privately owned ranchland. So if you are looking for rural ranchland, this may be the county for you!

11. Valencia County, NM

You probably don’t know this, but Valencia County holds the longest record for predicting presidential election winners. So keep an eye out on how Valencia County votes in the next election! It is also home to a number of national protected areas, including the Cibola National Forest.

12. Luna County, NM

The desert landscapes of Luna County have a long history with the entertainment industry, which can be traced back to 1953’s “The Tall Texan.” The county seat of Deming also has a historic downtown with a number of buildings on the State Historic Register, making it the perfect backdrop for westerns. But if desert views aren’t enough, the county also has a strong agricultural industry.

13. San Bernardino County, CA

This county is situated in Southern California and is considered a part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. 80 percent of the county is composed of public land, including numerous wilderness areas, such as Joshua Tree National Park.

14. Apache County, AZ

Located in the Northeast corner of Arizona, Apache County has some of the cheapest land on this list. The county also contains the Canyon de Chelley National Monument and parts of the Petrified Forest National Park. Additionally, land in this area is considered ideal for agricultural uses. But There’s More This is just a smattering of counties where you can find affordable land. There are hundreds of excess out there as well! So get started with your search. You may even want to start investing in land for profit!

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