10 Things to Look For In a Home before Signing the Deed

Things to Look For In a Home before Signing the Deed

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Home ownership is a big deal and an equally big investment plan considering the depth of the financial transaction about to be made. Hence, it is a matter not to be taken lightly at all. When you get sick of renting and decide to buy a house which you will be living in for many years to come or possibly forever, picking the best house for you becomes a decision you have to make out of your head and not your heart.

In buying a home, the location, size of the house, number of rooms or bathrooms, size of the kitchen or yard and the neighbors among a few should not be your only driving forces. The little things about the house are usually the most important things to consider when making the purchase. It’s these things that will make your experience of that house a living hell or a bed of roses.

Therefore, before signing the deed to the house you will call home, here are 10 things that will ensure that you look back on fondly years to come at that moment with no regrets whatsoever.

  1. The Age of the Roof

Roofs are very expensive to replace so before purchasing a house, find out how old the roof of the house is before it starts leaking just when you move into the house. Depending on the type of material used, roofs can last for about 15-20 years. Rather than settle for a house with an old roof because it’s exactly what you want, opt for a house with a newer roof if your finances cannot cover roof replacement after the big purchase.

  1. Check the Plumbing

When you check and the pipes in the house are lead, move onto the next house unless you can afford to replace it. Also, run the pipes to check the pressure level. In addition, look out for leaks, mould and water damage. These are not only unsightly but can cause health issues as well especially with the mould. In the case where the house has gone through a few cosmetic changes (newly painted walls and scrubbed tiles and floors) to fool you into thinking all is in shape, go with a professional to check these out since it is likely you may miss them.

  1. Driveway Size

The length and width of the house’s driveway determine whether you will have to drive home or walk home because your car won’t fit. Hence, you had to park on the street and worry about the safety of your car. To avoid this, test the driveway to be certain that it is not too narrow for your car.

  1. Ceiling Height

A house with a low ceiling becomes uncomfortable for a tall person who feels s/he has to squeeze into every time. Should you have a very tall person in your family who will be moving into the new house with you too? It is wise to check out the house with that person to be sure that they comfortably fit into all the rooms in the house.

  1. Condition of the House’s Foundation

A house with large cracks, sticking-out doors and or window frames or with large cracks above window frames visibly indicate that there is a big issue with the foundation. This is not a house to be purchased since it is already on the damage path. Again, a house with uneven floors is also one to move on from. How will you know this? Roll a marble across the floor of the house and be vigilant of its movement.

  1. Size of the Garden and or Yard

If you don’t want to spend the bigger part of your free time tending to your garden or tidying up your yard, why don’t you buy a house with a small yard and garden? These features add to your house appearing grand and picturesque. But without maintenance, it is unsightly. So know what you can do, either pay someone to man your garden or yard or better still tend to it yourself before deciding on your perfect house.

  1. Position of the House on the Lot

The positioning of a house determines the amount of natural light and air that streams in. This, in turn, affects the temperature in the house as seasons change. For instance, a south facing house is inclined to let in much more natural light than a north facing house (exceptions are when the house has many windows with main living spaces located near the back of the house). Artificial lights can do the job and the fancy ones add beauty to the house but natural light has healing tendencies- be reminded. Take a compass with you on your next visit to the house.

  1. Is the House Sound Proof?

Before you purchase a house, visit it at different times of the day to ensure that you can’t hear each and every word your neighbors utter. This will tell you the kind of privacy you will have in the house once you move in.

  1. Price of the House and the Comparables

If you are fortunate enough to get an affordable house in a fancy neighborhood with huge houses, know that your property tax is going to be higher and so will your living expenses. Furthermore, if you buy an expensive house in a not so cool neighborhood, the value of the house might not appreciate to the level it should that is if you want to sell it later. Also, if you are considering a house outside of town, be sure to pick an area where you are certain of getting a new job if your current one is too far off to get to on time. Visit best job search websites in that area to check the trends. Be conscious of these and more when purchasing.

  1. House’s Appeal

You are purchasing a house you will be living in for many years you know? Mindful of this, does the house you are picking from the lot reflect your personal taste? You can only live in a house and call it home only when you are at ease in it. Remember this and buy a house that suits the tastes of the kind of person you are. Don’t let your realtor coax you into buying a house because it’s chic and will make you the talk of the town.

Don’t pay heed to your excitement once you find the house that spells you in all aspects. That’s the pool that may drown you. Instead, be smart and follow the list above before signing your happiness, peace, and cash away.

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